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My pre-trial probation for dui says I must "abstain from alcohol" but nothing about testing.
If my probation paper tells me to abstain from alcohol but no where does it explicitly say anything about submitting to drug or alcohol tests is it based on the honor system at that point? I was wondering if I was okay to drink as long as I do not receive a citation or get arrested for anything drinking related. I was under the impression that if I was subjected to testing that it would be on the sheet somewhere which it is not. Thank you.
Probation could still call you in for an exit interview and you could be tested any time you have contact for classes,...
Should I get an interlock device put in car before court date for DWI or wait until it is over?
For a first offense DWI. Plan to plead guilty
I am not licensed to practice in Louisiana, but if you were asking this question from California, where I am licensed,...
Breathalyzer "malfunctioned" and Officers let me go. When going to court for the ticket I was given, can I be charged with DWI?
I was pulled over and had an open container in my vehicle. I was cooperative and respectful with the officers and honest about the fact that I had 3 beers at my home prior to leaving. I was given a field sobriety test, taken back to the station and given a breathalyzer test. I blew and the officer said it "malfunctioned" but asked me if i would blow a second time. I wanted to be as cooperative as possible so I agreed. He told me that I blew over the limit the second time and they still allowed me to call a friend and go home with a ticket. I'm going to court for my ticket because I need more time to pay it. My question is, can they bring up that situation and charge me if I go to court. Or should I try to pay the ticket and avoid court all together to be safe?
You can be convicted on the field sobriety test by itself. Request an administrative law hearing in your paperwork to...
DWI questions
I had been drinking earlier but then had an allergic reaction to a food allergy and took benadryl to counteract the reaction. I ended up loosing consciousness and getting in an accident. I was taken to the hospital before any questioning. I was asked if I wanted a blood test drawn and I refused. They suspended my license and left me with just a ticket of DWI 1st that I received once I was dismissed from the E.R.. On my blood test refusal form it says I refused the test but was unable to sign the document? Around that same time I was able to use a cell phone and call my parents so I don't know why I was "unable" to sign the form. Can my medical blood test be used against me in court? Was I legally arrested and or arrested at all? Should I try and fight the case?
This is not a defective products case. It is a Criminal Defense question. I'll fix the practice area for you.
My licence is life tme revoked 4 4 dui"s can that be down graded since no more trouble and i have prementatly move out of stat
i move to la 9 yrs ago and have completely changed my life . Bought house so im not going back to IL .The laws in la call only for a two yr suspencion for fourth offense.and my licence wasnt revoked in IL till after i moved.that blocked is stopping me from getting one here now
Unfortunately, at the time of the last conviction for DUI, you were an IL driver's license holder and after 4 DUI...
In 2005 i recieved a dui in crested butte, colorado. i never went to court for it. I am a resident of Louisiana. I recently went
to the Lousiana DMV to renew license. Colorado has me on problem driver list. I sent a letter to Gunnison County Court asking them to put me on docket and requesting a phone court date. I discovered on their docket that I go for arraignment on 7/2. But i haven't been offically notified. Do I assume they are agreeing to the phone appearance?
Never assume anything. Contact a lawyer to disucss your options and at the very least contact the court clerk to...
On July 12, 2012 I was convicted of 1st offense DWI in the state of Louisiana. Why is it not showing on my driving record?
No results matched your search for On July 12, 2012 I was convicted of 1st offense DWI in the state of Louisiana. At the time of arrest had a valid North Carolina drivers license which was taken at the time of arrest by the state trooper. I hired a local attorney and won the appeal and called North Carolina to get my license shipped here and that was no problem. After a year of going through the court process I was convicted but the judge did not suspend my license. This was good, so I went to the DMV in Shrevport, LA where I now live to trade in my NC license for a Louisiana license. I had no issues with the recent conviction and was issued a valid Louisiana license. Today, 7/26/12, I went again to the DMV to check purchase my driving record and totally clear. Is is just to soon as the pr
Although you were probably advised that a conviction for DWI would result in the suspension of your driving privilleges,...