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  • Two Suspects Are Arrested In Connection With Mail Th...

    Tuesday Jan 26 | via Tribune-News 

    By Linda Kor The thefts of a large quantity of mail from mailboxes in the Snowflake and Show Low areas have been under investigation by the Navajo County Sheriff's Office and the United States Postal Inspection Service, and two suspects are now in custody. On Jan. 11, Show Low Police arrested Jordan E. Lewis, 24, on charges of possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a prescription-only drug, possession of a weapon by a prohibited possessor, possession of a weapon during the commission of a drug offense and theft of a motor vehicle.


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Charges: 28-1381A3 DUI/Drugs, Probable cause for the stop: involved in a roll over accident... What are my best options?
Upon attending court today I was given a 4.5 year imprisonment option compared to a 15 max. Roll over accident down a dark curvy road. I was the only person involved and was not hurt. A field test was done Analysis where as shown. THC, 2.3 0.5ng/mg, methamphetamine, 27/ 6ng/mg. Two prior DUI. Served one year prison time and 8 years probation. 3 years remaining at he time of incident. During incident breathalyzer was in my auto mobile. I did admit to drinking half a beer and taking muscle relaxer earlier in the afternoon.
Your best option is to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney or spend some time with your court-appointed...
DWI & Licence now suspended
I had gotten a DWI a little less than 1 year ago. This is not my first one either. I am currently on probation. They took away my driver's license. recently . Please let me know what can the police do to me if I get pulled over for something or other. Can I be looking at jail time? I live alone & have no one to take me to work, shopping, etc. Also, is there anything i can do to get my license back or is i too late?
I don't know the specific laws in Arizona, but in Texas, you would look into getting an occupational license for...
I just got my second DUI. what can happen and what can I do?
I was driving on a suspended license so it was am aggravated DUI. I refused to blow and it took them seven hours to get my blood. Could this be dropped and if not awpuld it be possible to get rehab because I really do need rehab...
Your question indicates that your case has a lot of moving parts. Convictions for aggravated DUIs have extreme...
I have 1dui in 08 but this is my first offense with 3rd degree burglary and criminal damage what will happen im in arizona
like i said i have a dui in 2008 and several traffic violations but this is my first offense and they only have a witness which is lying and a photo of my jeep and plate number in a different city. what can i do with this charge of 3rd degree burglary and criminal damage
You need to speak to a lawyer about these charges. They are serious charges and you are facing prison time. You will...
Can you PLEASE tell me what these abbreviation mean????
03/21/2011 TIC: PROOF-ALCOHOL SCREENING D 1 03/21/2011 TIC: PROOF-VIPP D 1 03/21/2011 TIC: PROOF-LEVEL I/II TX D 1 10/20/2010 TIC: SCHEDULED PAYMENT DATE D 1 09/20/2010 FUND: PRISON CONSTR OPER FUND D 1 09/20/2010 FUND: JAIL INCARCERATION FEES D 1 09/20/2010 JAIL/PRISON D 1 09/20/2010 FUND: TIME PYMT $20 JCEF D 1 09/20/2010 FUND: XTRA DUI ASSMT D 1 09/20/2010 FUND: TPD GUILTY DUI FEE D 1 09/20/2010 FUND: TCC CASE PROCESS FEE 84% D 1 09/20/2010 FUND: PROBATION ASSESSMENT D 1 09/20/2010 FUND: BASE FINE D 1 09/20/2010 PROBATION D 1
The entries marked FUND: are payment into several state funds. When you pay a fine, you are actually paying into many...
Is an aggravated DUI on Arizona Navajo Nation land dealt with commensurate to the rest of Arizona?
Aggravated DUI on Arizona Navajo Nation land.
The law varies from state to state. The best person to answer this question is a knowledgeable local attorney who...
How long does it take for charges for a alleged dui in arizona?
No arrest,No ticket, blood drawn, Never signed any papers, was out of state I am a fla cdl holder, was taken back to hotel n told to wait for something in mail, has been over 6 months, still valid licsense and nothing when look up case/court records?
The State has 1 year from the date of the incident to file misdemeanor charges and 7 years to file felony charges.