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What is DWI with Drugs and refusal to blood test ?what are the odds of beating it.
My son is charged with DWI Drugs and refusal to take a blood test. He wrecked his car and I was there. He was not under the influence of alcohol, he blew 0 and they searched his car and found nothing. He had gotten stitches that day in his knee. they came out in the wreck. He could not walk the line and he has a condition in which his pupils stay large and he was taken to jail. I want to know if this is proper and what his chances are of being found not guilty or lesser charge. He said he was bright lighted and something hit his windshield. His windshield was shattered at the rearview mirror. The state trooper said he grabbed it when he wrecked.
Your son is going to need to hire a DUI lawyer to fight this case. These are all questions he can ask that lawyer...
Resident of Tennessee, DWI in Arkansas. First DWI
I am a resident of Tennessee. I was pulled over and issued a DWI in Arkansas, first DWI. They took my license and issued me a temporary one ( a piece of paper good for 30 days). My questions are: - Will TN be notified of the DWI? - How do I get my license back and is it also suspended in TN? - I am on probation in TN, I have 45 days left. Probation ends before first Arkansas court date. What can I expect? Violation of probation? Should I inform them since it was in another state or wait it? Also, I have 7 days to request an administrative hearing for license suspension. Not sure whether to mark the box to fully contest it or mark the one for restricted. Again, confused. I'm licensed in TN and this was in Arkansas. I have reached out to a few AR attorneys but have not heard back. Thanks for looking.
1. TN will most likely be notified of the DWI, because interstate compacts mandate notification so that your home state...
Can I get my DWI and possession of controlled substance expunged from 2012 as well as my DWI in 2014?
I received a DWI and possession of a controlled substance in august of 2012, and another DWI in 2014. Can I get these expunged, and if so, how soon can I get them expunged? The first instance occurred in Springdale, AR and the second in Lowell, AR.
I practice in Maryland, not Arkansas, however, I believe the laws on this issue are similar. Were you convicted of...
Could a DUI be filed if I simply ask a question about hit and run?
A few nights ago I for some dumb reason decided to drink and drive. Don't really remember the drive home except for a small tid bit. My truck has no damage at all, but my anxiety & driving drunk guilt has made me think about hit and runs. If I call and ask the police department and they say there was no accidents reported, could I still get in trouble if they knew the back story?
Not really. The police have to have more evidence than just a confession. At this late date they can't get blood or...
I got a dwi for alcohol for a bac of .07. I am on prescription medicine with a pain management specialist. The officer arrested
Can my pain management doctor cut me off if I got arrested for dwi alcohol. my bac was .07 which I passed the breath test but he still kept me in jail for one day. I am worried because I'm in chronic pain and need my pain medication.
You need an attorney, immediately. The reason is not only can you be convicted of DWI for alcohol, but for drugs, too;...
What's the penalty for possession of paraphernalia in prairie grove Arkansas
I got pulled over and told the police they couldn't search and they still did and found drug paraphernalia.
Misdemeanor paraphernalia is punishable by up to one year in jail and/or up to a $2500 fine. If you did not consent to...
If you commit a serious crime while on license
Will you have to serve the rest of your license ?
I'm not exactly sure what you are asking, but I'll take a shot. If you are asking what happens if you commit a crime (...