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I was drinking the night before,the morning son had a doctors appt..I went to the school to pick him up & My boyfriend called the school and told them he thought I was drunk.. I got to the school.. They called me to the back office and talked to me for a while when the principal was calling state police the cop got there and gave me a breathalyzer which must not of read right because then he proceeded to tell me he was taking me for a blood test.. That was done and was .08 will I be able to get this as not a dui?
You need to talk to a PA DUI attorney. You may have a valid defense. Best of luck to you
I am currently doing ARD for 1st offense DUI. Upon completion at 6 months after I can get it expunged. Will this expunged DUI show up at the Canadian background search? Will it keep me out, if so should I contact a Canadian law specialist, what steps are necessary?
In theory, an expungement makes your arrest a legal nullity as if it never happened. The actual clearing of the record...
The driver who hit us is under insured and was not hurt, but both driver and passenger in our vehicle had injuries.
Both of you have a case. Because of the criminal act is very serious, it is very helpful to speak or email an attorney...
Receiving stolen property(2010), dui(2012)
If they are convictions, you need to get a pardon before you get an expungement. It seems unlikely at this time that...
I need to be able to get to work and go to school. It is my first offense and my record is pretty clean other than a speeding ticket.
No. Unless the charge is reduced or you are acquitted, your license will be suspended, there is no authority in PA law...
The Law is very contradictory and confusing relative to PA relief and the associated federal law. Can one seek State relief and then Federal separately? It seems the State could allow relief and the Federal would still be restricted due to the possible sentence length. This is just stupid by the way. The 5 year max on an M1 for a DUI with no harm or injury. It seems a State pardon is the only route, but there is a State provision for relief. Can this then be taken to the federal courts for relief there as well?
This link might prove helpful:
I only blew a .04 but was not 21 at the time. I recently moved to PA from NJ and need car insurance but I dont want it to show up on my license when I transfer since my NJ license is clean.
In short yes. the PA DMV likely has record of your DUI (assuming no glitch in the system) and it will come up in their...