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Will dui's parole violation and incarceration hurt my chances of 50/50 custody of my 5 yr. old
I had 3 dui's the third was 1 mo. short of 10 yrs. I spent 2 mos. incarcerated for a parole violation which I did not do but the court said I was guilty. I am currently on scram. My x will now not allow me to see my 5 yr old son but 1 day a week if I am lucky. What are my chances of getting 50/50 custody if I file for that type of custody. Before my issues we had a verbal 50/50 between us no legal agreement.
While your criminal past is relevant in a custody matter, it will probably not affect your chances at a reasonable...
My son had a false positive & now in jail for not drinking the scram said he was. what r our options his lawyer doesn't know
has been on the scram since December it has shown 3 drinking episodes. 3/9 he was arrested for drinking the third time from sat.11-4 Sunday. He was at home with family and in bed by 12. No drinking. His lawyer has fought this in the past and lost we don't know how to deal with this now. How do we locate a lawyer that will help us. Can he go to court without a lawyer and what will the outcome be. Funny thing is everytime he was supposedly drinking we had chicken mashed potatoes gravy filling and always plenty of chocolate to eat. He also vapes regularly. The one time he was accused he ate a whole bag of pretzels. I am lost as how to clear him.
SCRAM devices are pretty darn accurate really. Perhaps your son needs to avoid eating the "chicken mashed potatoes...
Can I get a dui expunged from my driving record if I had a pa liscense?
I live in pa and got convicted in md in feb,2011 on a offense that occurred in 2000
Because the conviction occurred in Maryland, any potential expungement would happen through the Maryland court system....
What is the best route to go when getting an underage in college so that my future is not ruined?
Had too much to drink last night and came back to my dorm and was vomiting for nearly 3 hours. My roommate feared that I had alcohol poisoning and called for help. Unfortunately just as the university police walked in I had just stopped feeling the need to vomit and was feeling much better. The officer got all my information and breathalyzed me and I blew a 0.19. He told me that I should be getting an underage and that I could plead guilty or not guilty and that my license will be suspended. I have zero experience with this type of situation because this is the first time I've been involved with the police. I would like to know what the best possible way to go about this situation is and if the underage can be removed from my record/should fight the case/if community service is possible?
First thing you should do is talk with and hire a qualified attorney in this area to handle for you. There are...
Can I sue a restaurant that serves me alcohol underage and changes tips on my order?
I am 20 and I went into a restaurant that had a bar with my other friend (also 20) and when we asked for shots, the server didn't card either of us and gave us both the shots. Later, a friend of ours who worked their stopped by and told the manager on us who forced us to pay for our meals (and drinks) and leave the restaurant with doggie bags. Normally, I would be fine with how things went but a few days after we both looked at our bank accounts and the restaurant charged us more than double the tip that we left when we paid. I wrote a $5 tip and was charged $11 and my friend wrote $5-6 and was charged $22.
Did you keep your receipt of the correct tip amount so you can establish the alteration made by someone in the bar?...
Can I get charges dropped / reduced charged with underage drinking checked with breathalyzer @ . 014 scholarship at risk
18 years old, checked at gas station officer said i was driving poorly. passed 2 field sobriety tests but told officers i wasn't drinking thinking alcohol was out of my system. it had been over 2 hours since i had a single shot.
I would talk with an attorney in this County to see what your options are. Every case is different and you may have...
What is the difference between Delta-9 THC and Delta-9 Carboxy THC? How do you get carboxy thc in your body?
What is the difference between Delta-9 THC and Delta-9 Carboxy THC? I got pulled over in April of this year around 8:30 pm and had not smoked for a few hours or more. My levels were 6.2 ng/ml for Delta-9 THC and 32 ng/ml for Delta-9 Carboxy THC. What is Delta-9 Carboxy THC? How do you get Carboxy THC in your body? Should I consult a DUI attorney? What is the difference between Delta-9 THC and Delta-9 Carboxy THC? How do you get carboxy thc in your body? what is delta-9 carboxy thc?
Delta-9-THC concentration usually drops below 5 ng/mL within 3-4 hours post dose. Frequent users may have longer...