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How can I get evidence supressed and under what grounds?
It was about 3 a.m Saturday night / Sunday morning. I was driving to my sister's house going and clocked going 77/78 when speed limit was 70. The police officer gave me a written warning and my drivers license back. She asked if I had any questions for her I told her no. She then said she has one for me and asked if I had anything to drink tonight. I told her I had one shot earlier in the evening. She then stated that she would have to run me through fields because she could smell it pretty good. I did sobriety tests but not the breathalyzer. I refused a blood test after being read the informing the accused. She told me that they were then going to get a warrent and draw my blood. I asked so your gonna get it anyways? In which there would be no reason to refuse but she did not answer my question. They did not ask for a breathalyzer or blood once I got to the jail. I am now facing a refusal and owi charge. One lawyer told me that anything after she gave me my license back could be supressed and that would lead to the dismissal of my case. I would like to know how to request suppression of evidence and also under what grounds?
This is not a do-it-yourself project. The refusal is going to be more difficult to defend than the OWI. You only have...
How long do I have to wait to get my cdl after an owi in Wisconsin?i didnt need to file sr22 or anything so I still pay the same
I got drugged and robbed at a house and chose to drive. A white knight called me in and they got me. I blacked out for 3 days and I guess I was in jail and they took my blood. I kept my licenses for a year as My lawyer kept pushing the case. But after they sided with the guy who drugged me, even tho he has jail charges of theft, violence and drugs while mine was clean. I lost my license for 9 months. After I got them back, I didnt lose my insurance nor did I need an sr22 so I still pay the same as before. So my question is how long do I have to wait to get my cdl or to be hired for trucking ?
You should have received notification regarding your CDL disqualification directly from DOT when it was imposed. On a...
How can a lawyer help me I am facing a 3rd conviction drunk driving charge
1 st -1995 car accident ,no other person involved thank heaven, stupidity to be driving, 2nd owi 1996 stopped for a tail light out , stupid for me to be driving also , fast forward to present , 2017 owi not intended to have a drink , but I did add to my stupidity taking B/P medication and effects with alcohol ? Beyond stupidity ! I had a flat tire that kept me from driving and the police officer showing up , Im grateful no one or myself had been hurt , angry with myself for being a complete idiot , I have ruined my life
A third offense OWI conviction is a mandatory immediate report case, meaning the day you plead is the day you will be...
I don't own a vehicle but was ordered to install the interlock device. How to I go about getting my license back?
I had my first DUI about 5 yrs ago. I was ordered to go to classes and pay some fines and fees. All of that has been done except for the interlock. I don't currently own a vehicle. But I do have an old 1993 vechicle in my name from over ten years ago that I don't have anymore. I called the DMV and they said I would have to have a judge excempt me from the interlock. I called the courthouse and they've been giving me the run around and transferring me to different people. I really need help.
You need to formally petition the court for an exemption order as to that vehicle that is still showing up in your name....
Can I be revoked for a bad urinalysis.
Need to see my p.o. and I have used marijuana in the last week.
Not using illegal substances is likely a condition of your probation. When you violate your conditions, you can be...
Best course of action for an absolute sobriety with a BAC of .05
I was pulled over and charged with an absolute sobriety. I am 20 years old, birthday is june 25th. I passed all field tests and blew a .06. I was taken for blood work and my actual BAC was .05. I plan to plead no contest. Best course of action wpuld be to say what?
If you plead "no contest" you will be found guilty and suffer the mandatory license suspension. Best course of action...
Can I get a bartender license if I have a DUI?
Almost 3 years ago I got a DUI. I'm not on probation or anything like that. Am I able to get a bartender license and a liquor license through the town?
This is really a licensing issue, and not a criminal law/DUO & DWI question. I will change the Practice area for you...