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What do i do?
I blew a 0.089 took the other three test and got arrested i have a cdl drivers test today to take and was told my liscence was suspended for 90 days i cant have a dui on my record i need help this is a first offense once i was taken to the station i refused to take a second breatherlizer
You hire a DUI attorney and you do so immediately. You yourself, without an attorney, will not be able to successfully...
Will I Be Drug Tested?
I'm 20. I was charged with underage consumption, resisting arrest, obstructing justice and public intoxication. Well, my consumption level was lower than the "drunk" limit of 0.08. I was under the influence, not intoxicated. And I was never arrested, just held overnight. I entered a plea of "Not Guilty" and have to return in a few weeks. It is to my understanding most these charges are likely to be dropped over anything. The judge did put on my paperwork however, "Person is subject to random drug testing." which applies until I go back in a couple weeks. So my question is, what are the chances of them calling me at any point in the next few weeks and telling me to come in for a drug test? Marijuana was never part of my situation, they have no reason to assume I smoke it. Is it likely I will be tested or no?
It is likely you will be drug tested at some point during all this. Most court test for both drugs and alcohol when the...
What will happen if I fail initial drug test, going to be on probation next week for a attempted assault..
I was arrested for dv, m1 drug abuse for weed and an assault. Courts threw out my other charges and I'm taking plea bargain for attempted assault m2, I will be put on probation. Will I be tested day at court and what will they do if I fail for thc, I been trying not to use any more and was a very heavy user.. my charges occurred 2 qnd a half months ago.. I know I am dirty for thc. I took home drug test to check.. I'm still positive.. will I go to jail or will they give me more time
If you have an attorney ask them. Also, keep what I am about to say in mind before considering my next sentence, every...
DUI/Loss of Physical Control on record
I was charged with a DUI, convicted of Loss of Physical Control. I did not lose my driving privileges and did not receive any points on my license. I was turned down for a job because of my record. I received the report showing I have a Loss of Physical Control/DUI. Should it be listed as a DUI if I wasn't convicted of that? Should my record reflect just the Loss of Physical Control?
Your information really needs some clarification. I assume that you are saying that you were charged with a DUI but the...
Can i loose my license for being drunk in the backseat of my car?? what all happens in court for underage?
a 3 friends and I were drunk which eventually led to us falling asleep in my car. I was in the back seat and with a friend and the other two were in the front seat. we didn't leave or anything like that but people keep saying i could lose my license and could be looking at 500$ fines all together
All you have just stated is that you were drunk and sleeping in the back seat of your car with other friends who were...
Son and dad same name son got dui suspended BOTH license. Obvious mistake. What do we do.
Husband works out of town and drives company vehicle must have valid license to work. Long weekend and missing work till straightened out.
I'd contact the prosecutor on son's case and demand they complete the BMV 2261 form immediately; also file petition in...
I plead no contest on Ovi refused to blow. Sat 15 days. Part of probation was dip. Can the judge violate prob if not completed
I just paid all fines off been working 6 months now. Last step was dip I have not till now had the money due to paying on fines. Last pv hearing judge canceled probation due to dip even though I just finished paying off fines 2 weeks prior if I sat 15 consecutive days can he still require a dip in ohip
What do you mean by cancelled? If the judge terminated probation its probably all over and they will not require you to...