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How would we go about getting a judge's ruling overturned? He freed a woman that made a hit and run and was intoxicated.
The defendant hit my cousin and didn't stop and he rolled up and over her van and later on after someone tracked her down and followed her, she told the police she thought she hit a piece of ice but the police say, there's no way possible the damage could have been caused by a piece of ice. Originally, she was charged with a couple of felonies. THE OFFENSE OF CT 3 FAILURE TO STOP AFTER ACCIDENT F3. CT 5 OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS. The judged knocked them down to where she only had misdemeanor and she was only ordered 18 months in prison and only after 7 wks, the judge granted her early release, only after saying when she was originally charged, she would get at least 18 months with no chance of early release. Is there anything that can be done and how?
I doubt it. It sounds like a plea bargain was reached and early release granted. The person has been convicted and...
Forced blood draw , warrant needed?
I was pulled over and charged with a marked lanes violation and a ovi. I was told I had to take a breath test, when doing this I didn't give the officer the results he wanted so he said he was taking me to the emergency room to do a forced blood draw. I have had two prior violations that were dropped to physical controls in 2011 ..does that automatically give him the right to force and not possible for me to get it suppressed?
Section 4511.194(A)(1)(2) of the Revised Code provides that by operating a vehicle, you have given consent to have your...
Son and dad same name son got dui suspended BOTH license. Obvious mistake. What do we do.
Husband works out of town and drives company vehicle must have valid license to work. Long weekend and missing work till straightened out.
I'd contact the prosecutor on son's case and demand they complete the BMV 2261 form immediately; also file petition in...
I plead no contest on Ovi refused to blow. Sat 15 days. Part of probation was dip. Can the judge violate prob if not completed
I just paid all fines off been working 6 months now. Last step was dip I have not till now had the money due to paying on fines. Last pv hearing judge canceled probation due to dip even though I just finished paying off fines 2 weeks prior if I sat 15 consecutive days can he still require a dip in ohip
What do you mean by cancelled? If the judge terminated probation its probably all over and they will not require you to...
Felony DUI jury trial, where Is the burden of proof?
What are the specific rules on what counts as clues of intoxication and what does not? Wasn't any road side test administered and refused breath test.
Your speech, nystigmus test, standing, walking, how you ere driving before the stop, odor of alcohol and any other...
What to do about false OVI
Last night me and my boyfriend were driving home and a cop pulled us over [the same cop has pulled us over 4 times already for no reason!] He accused my boyfriend of "slurring his words", mind you it's 3 a.m. We were leaving a family bonfire. Well after he blew a 0.0% for the breathalyzer they said he smelled like marijuana. They arrested him and charged him with OVI, we go to court tomorrow. I don't know what to do. Cops seem to constantly harass us.
If he intends to fight the charge, he should enter a not guilty plea and consult with a criminal defense lawyer as soon...
What are my chances of getting my 2nd OVI dropped?
I got my first OVI September 1st and was scheduled to get my licence back Feb 28th. On Fed 16th I was charged with OVI, Hit Skip, Expired Registration, Open Container, OMV while under suspension, and right side of roadway. After getting out of jail I went to the emergency room and followed up with my family doctor who all said I had a concussion. I failed field sobreity tests but refused to take a breathalyzer.. What am I looking at?
You need to hire an experienced DUI attorney ASAP! You are charged with very serious charges that have very serious...