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What is the worst and best case scenario and will I still be able to enlist in the USMC
I ran through a stop sign last night and was pulled over. The officer had me get out and I passed the field tests but I blew a .118. I was completely honest with him when he asked questions but I am worried I will get my license suspended and won't be able to enlist.
You may be eligible for a first time offenders program that would allow you to escape jail and limit your license...
My wife drove my car without a license got stopped. I got a fine too. Can i get out of it without her getting in trouble?
I was at work and my wife was driving my car without a license. She got stopped by local PD in Pennsylvania. Is there any defense for me to get out of the fine without her getting arrested for grand theft? I was already at work for almost 3 hours when this happened. She is a permitted driver and she got pulled over for the inspection being out and the police found out she didnt have a license. I wouldnt want to say she stole the car because technically she didnt but I am trying to avoid the fine for her driving.
Yes there is a defense of knowledge of the suspension. I suggest you speak with an attorney like myself, or someone...
How can the court change my dui charge from 1st offense to my 3rd offense
I was charged with a dui and my lawyer wanted to challenge the stop because the cop has a reputation of pulling people over on "hunches"(the judge ruled the stop was legal). All my paperwork says that I am being charged with dui 1st offense. Now 10 months later the court changed my charge from dui 1st offense to dui 3rd offense. I only found out about this because I looked up my court status online at the clerk of courts. How does the court get an elementary school "do over" when this thing went on for months as a 1st offense?
You are represented by an attorney. He or she must be your sole source of information and guidance. Pose your...
Can a person get off on DUI?
A friend of mine gotten into accident. She crashed into a tree, but at that time she was driving drunk and car had no insurance and registration was expired. She was in the hospital, then she got out, but her husband tries to tell me that she wont get the tickets, cause of her injuries, but she is fine and walking around. Can she still get tickets for DUI and more? How can Altoona Police know about this?
She most likely will get several charges and needs an attorney immediately
I have 1 dui and a misdemeanor carrying without a permit but it was my registered weapon!
it was my weapon registered to my name but it was loaded. it was my 1st gun brought at 21 while in the army. i was convicted of misdemeanor carrying without a permit. is there anyway i can get my carrying permit or get my gun rights restored in my home state?
You would need to check with a gun rights attorney in your state and have him or her to review your situation. You may...
Had my 1st DUI and I need to get back and fourth to my doctors appointments for workers compensation , I get surgery on 12/13/16
Would I be eligible for a interlock instead of my license being suspended.
This is a question to be addressed by an attorney who specializes in criminal law, more specifically DUI.
What should I do? In serious need of advice.
Iv been charged with possession of marijuana and possession of Paraphernalia. My car keys were being held against my will. So I called campus police. I told them I just wanted to get my keys and go home. After 10 long minutes, i was able to get them. They ordered me not to come back for 24 hours which I of course agreed cause i just wanted to go home. instead of leaving after i got my keys they walked me to my car to make sure I was leaving even tho I agreed too. When we gotthere they asked me for my drivers license and registration as they took my license plate. When I opened the door to do what they told me to do the officer said he smelled weed and asked to search. I of course said no. They searched anyway and found weed and para. I now have a hearing in December. I don't know if I will be able to fight this and win. But I feel as if they treated me unjustly. I was technically the victim in this situation why treat me like the offender. Also I don't understand what right they had to make me show them my license and registration, as i wasn't driving and my car was in the lot all day. I'm not sure if I have a valid argument but if I do I want to fight it. Thank you for your time.
Hire an attorney to vigorously defend you.