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How should i deal with a arrest for dui wreckless driving endangering a person and in possesiion of firearm. Currently on bail
Was driving a semi with girlfriend and trailer developed air problem and brskes locked up and pulled off hwy on median strip in midfle was so cold that wben i was outside it froze my hands and fingers to the point were they hurt went inside warm truck fell asleep and police woke me up ! Took me to jsil andi sat for 20 days had a arrainment in that time but got bailed out with the $250.00 i had on my books ! It was a mechanical problem yes i was tired but not drunk or on drugs and yes they tested for both the bresth test was i believe went to state police .0000 for alcohol and the urine test idk about but csn assure you no drugs to be found also the gun was wrapoed in a beanie type cap was not mine ane in the truck what can i do with this haunting me ? Yes i havent gone back but dont have the funds fo it and this is keeping me from working !
These are serious charges. The OVI charge could lead to your CDL being suspended at the least. Also, do not miss any...
I'm 21 and want a pistol but I got a dui when I was 18 and went through diversion with flying colors am I able to get one?
My background check got delayed and I don't know why the dui is the only thing I can think of why it would be delayed
In Oregon, a DUII dismissed through diversion does not prohibit someone from purchasing or possessing a firearm.
Pulled over in Florida 04/02/2017 cited DUII License valid everywhere until 05/22/2017 Moved to Oregon previous home 6 DUII'S in the 80s and 90s not eligible for hardship in Florida. Have Florida attorney who believes we can get reduced to reckless 1 year out. Can get Oregon license now that will probably default the same day Florida's does. Can I get hardship in Oregon for work and father in hospice [reason for move} Need to secure some type of Oregon license ASAP as that will determine were I reside, Father in hospice 1 hour drive from my current employer. Thank you Rick
It sounds like you need to contact a local Oregon lawyer to assist you in working through your license issue. Good luck.
My wife passed interlock device, drank coffee, blew and failed!! Now facing losing license! HELP!! Have Proof Not Guilty!
My wife received a DUI last year, she went through all the classes, diversion, graduated, paid all the fines and court fees. She gets the interlock device out this August!! We wanted to go to the library in Hillsboro Oregon around 4pm on Sunday. She entered the vehicle, blew into the device, passed and drove us to Plaid Pantry only 5 minutes down the road where she bought a Starbucks Latte in the glass jar. She took a few big sips of it and proceeded to blow into the device. It gave a "Warning" for no reason. She blew again and got another "Warning". Since we are married and the vehicle is legally in my name as well I said to "Hop out I will drive". I blew into the device and the car started without any issues and drove to the library. We just received court paperwork stating she blew a ".032" and failed the "Rules of Diversion" and now they want to revoke her license for 1 year without any permission to drive to work. We have the log of blow and passes with pictures from the interlock company, we also have bank paperwork to prove where we were and what we bought only 5-10 minutes from when she first blew and passed. We also have the library receipt to back our case. WHAT DO WE DO!
You nee to hire a lawyer who understands IID issues. The latte may have had trace amounts of alcohol from flavorings.
How can my son get an Oregon driver license
He has an old dui in California but lived in Oregon now. He only needed to take a class. Can he take the class he in oregon
He will only be able to obtain a license once he has satisfied all the requirements in California. If he some how gets...
Do I still need to get an interlock device?
My suspension ends in March and I have not driven since I received my DUI. I do own a vehicle but i gave it to my daughter to drive until I am able to drive again. I received the DUI in Washington and live in Oregon. At the time of sentencing the judge questioned whether or not I needed to have it installed but was unable to determine that because I live in a different state.
Since you're an Oregon licensed driver, just call the DMV Help-Line with your question at 503-299-9999. I can tell you...
Diversion vs. Other options?
Got a DUI in Hillsboro in October, no priors. Blood test was taken at the time of citation, and I was never contacted back with my results. My first appointed court hearing was yesterday where they read my rights and I was told I qualify for the Diversion program. Which to me seems ridiculous. What would my other options be? If I plead guilty/paid the fine... I still don't know what my blood alcohol level was. Aren't they supposed to give me that information? Any advice helps, thank you!
It sounds like your case is going to fast. I wouldn't do anything without finding out all the facts and circumstances...