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Drug testing at plea and arraignment
I got a letter from Pulaski County Circuit Court with the date for my plea and arraignment hearing. In the letter was a notice that I may be drug tested as a condition of my bond. I've never heard of drug testing at playing arraignment. Do they really do this?
Rules vary not only across jurisdictions, but also among different Courts and Judges. You should speak with your...
I was arrested in Sherwood, AR for DUI and was not intoxicated at all!!
I was pulled over because I didn't know any cops were anywhere, and I was fixing to miss the road I needed to turn on, so, I turned real fast so I didn't miss it. The cop charged me with everything he could think of, even no seatbelt and I had my seatbelt on!! Anyway, when he asked about drugs, I told him what pill I had took, trying to be Miss Good Citizen, because I wasn't any longer under the influence on them. And, he wouldn't listen to nothing else I had to say about it!! They wanted to do a blood test, and I refused because I don't like needles and I wasn't even guilty of anything. I'm also worried I have too many driving on suspendeds and could get jail time for that. I'm disabled, for chronic pain, and the jail won't give me my meds. What should I do and can I get house arrest?
There are a number of possible defenses to your case, but the quality of those defenses can only be fully known by an...
How do I file an appeal to my DUI case in Sherwood, AR? Also, can I file In Forma Pauperis?
I'm not guilty. I was completely sober. It's supposed to go to Little Rock District Court next, but I need to know how to file the appeal.
Contact the clerk of the district court TODAY to see what the appeal bond would be and if they have the paperwork for...
If you refuse a urine test, (failure to submit), does that make you automatically guilty of DUI, because I was completely sober.
I told the officer that I refused because I occaisionally smoke marijuana, and they would see that on my test results and blame that for the DUI; but I did not even smoke that day!!
Sounds like you did the right thing and with a good lawyer, you should win this case.
I got a DWI, the car was stuck on a curb and could not move, ticket was for cresless driving, no seat belt.The car was unable to
I got a DWI, i was was leaving the club and my car got stuck on a curb and could not move the car.Went back inside to call a taxi and went back out to the car, it was cold that night so the moter was runing.I got a ticket for careless driving,DWI,no seat belt. The car was stuck on a curb and could not move, it had to be towed. total of ticket is 1,695.00, I checked my self inti rehab and am going to AA meetings. Do I have to pay all of this of can I fight this ?
You drove on to a curb and got the car stuck. You will pay if you don't have a better defense
Two different DWI's in two different states. Whats going to happen?
In january I got arrested for driving while intoxicated in MO. I hired an attorney and we were going to try to get an sis so i could keep it off my record. My court date for that is April 29th. Then last night in AR i was drinking with some friends and tried to the responsible thing by staying the night. But I had to get up early that morning and drive home. I dropped my phone in the floor and when i was trying to reach for it, i must have swerved a bit so i decided to pull into a gas station to find it. When i sat back up, there was a cop at my window. He asked me to do some field tests and decided i was still drunk and arrested me. Now what? I'm so scared i'm only 20 i don't know what to do. How can I keep this off my record now? And does it matter that they are in two different states?
If you get a conviction in either state, most states will count them as priors.
How long does the court have to charge someone a DUI?
Back in 2015, I was arrested and charged with DUI. On February of 2016 was my first court appearance and the prosecutor asked for a continuance. In June of 2016 we went back to court and again the prosecutor asked for a continuance for no witnesses showing up. In July of 2016, the state again asked for a continuance because the arresting officer was unavailable. In August of 2016, all parties were present, no witnesses or the officer were asked any questions and the judge stated that he would look over the evidence and render a verdict. That was over a year ago and still no word from the judge. At what point can I file a motion to dismiss? Have my civil rights to a speedy trial been broken because of the length in time it was from the moment I was arrested to almost two years waiting for a verdict?
I recommend that you contact an Arkansas criminal defense attorney about your situation. It appears that there was no...