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Should I renew my DACA if I am charged with DUI and Child endangerment!?
Hello, Three months ago I was pulled over arrested with a .14 BAC with my 8 year old child in the car. The child was released right on the spot to my sister. I hired and attorney And my case is still pending. He is giving me high hopes in the child endangerment being dismissed. Now idk if I should even bother replying for DACA since is still a charge? My daca expires in 25 days. What would be the consequences if I file and I actually get child endangerment conviction? Also My husband petitioned me since he is a citizen and was exempted but I am curently waiting to file the extreme hardship waiver. Should I just wait for the outcome and go through the immigration matter through the I-130? Or take a gamble with the DACA?
You have a lot of questions that should be addressed by an immigration attorney. Hire the best attorney you can afford...
I have a DUI in Hawaii from 2007, I now live in LA. Is there any possible way for me to take care of the charges here?
I never went to court to take care of it in Hawaii. Do I absolutely have to go back to Hawaii to clear it up, or is there any way for me to do that in California?
You will have to hire an attorney in Hawaii.
Can I fight my DUI?
I was Arrested for a DUI more than a week ago, this would be my second one. I plead not guilty at my arraignment, I did not let the arresting officer do any field tests, I did get blood drawn. I want to know what my chances of fighting this DUI are?
There are many factors that can increase or decrease your chance of successfully fighting a DUI. Such as your attorney,...
Got 1st dui in Ventura County and then 2nd dui in Los Angeles County during 3 years probation.
Hello, I've got a dui in Ventura County last 2 years and 9 months ago but then I've got another one in Los Angeles County during the 1st dui probation. (My car was rear ended by another car but I got arrested for dui instead after all). I've spent 12 hours in L.A. jail on the night that I got arrested. The 2nd dui case in L.A. was reduced to reckless driving with another 3 years probation along with 9 months dui school and 1 year driver license suspension. 1.Will ventura County Court find out about it and charge me with probation violation? 2.Am I going to do some jail time for probation violation from the first one at Ventura County Jail? 3.Can I request a restricted license to drive from home to work and school? If so, when can I request it? Thank you very much for all of your help.
Lost of great questions. 1) There is a very good chance Ventura will find out about LA.. This needs to be...
Can I travel outside US if on probation for dui? I finished all my requirements.
Paid all fines, finished DUI school, MADD program, and so on. I mean everything. I now can drive cars without IDD device. Only thing I have is 3 yr probation - actually left 2 years now. I was convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles, CA.
Part of the terms and conditions of being on probation probably requires you to get permission or at least notify your...
I was arrested for DUI.My alcohol level was 0.15 at the station . Will this affect my citizenship application if convicted?
It was a misdemeanor DUI still waiting for court date....Im permanent resident I've been in this country four years... Im waiting to reach my fifth year to submit my application.... Police pull me over for not having light on.... I was under arrest for 12 hour...
While a DUI is a crime and you certainly don't want to have one on your record, it is unlikely that this will have any...
I got convicted of a second dui in ventura county, so what happens 2 my vehicle given its under my name and still owe $ on it?
Can I still save my vehicle without any trouble with the courts. I don't wanna sell my car, can I register it through the dmv as a non operative motor vehicle so that I can still have a car when my liscense is reinstated?
unless the court ordered the cars impounded, you can still own them. If you have been convicted and there were no...