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What happens in court if a person is picked up on a DUI and is not a citizen but has a permanent resident card?
This person has lived and worked in the US for 30 years and has no former convictions. He is not working now because of a disability. He has a ME license . He was told he will lose his license for five months and will have to pay a fine of $500.00. This incident occurred near his home and the State policeman who stopped him said he had passed him at a stop light, which he didn't do. Then went on to ask why the lights were not on in his house. Apparently this officer had been watching him for some reason for quite some time. I don't understand why customs and immigration would have anything to do with this and it is causing him a lot of stress since his lawyer told him that. Can you give me some information on this? Thank you
Being charged with OUI will not trigger any collateral consequences with INS, but if there is a conviction, then INS...
Drove sober drank soon as I arrived for 3 hours. had a dispute with my parents, they called cops, cops asked had I been drinking
an driving. I said no. cop asked you been drinking hear..i said no. got arrested. I drank on side of road. blew .22 . parents said I mite of been there for 1 hour or 3, they didn.t know cop did ask where did you drink...I said nothing so with that said what are my chances at d m v hearing. I have a class a license ?
Your chances might be pretty good if you get a good lawyer on board. I don't completely understand the timeframe but if...
A state police officer pulled me over for no licence plate lights but they were on both of th bit he wouldn't let me out to chec
I was driving the Gathering call the redneck blank and I was pulled over by a state Maine State Police Officer who said my license plate lights were out I I then told the officer my vehicle was inspected no less than a week ago then I asked him if I could check the lights and look at them to be positive he was not lying to me and he slammed the door in my face and said it was against regulation to let me inspect the lights myself he then went back to the car came back and said my lights were dim not out then he tells my passingers that he pulled me over cause we were acting suspishious he then has me exit the vehicle and proceeded to give me a sobriety test that he said I failed and arrested me for oui the next day I get out of jail pick my car up from impound and both license plate lights are bright and working I feel my rites were violated and he conducted an illegal traffic stop what is you opinion on this
You must have meant rights instead of rites. I think you have something here, but you need a private criminal defense...
Will I face criminal punishment from my home state of Arizona for a first OUI in Maine?
I was visiting family in Maine when I was arrested for operating under the influence. If found guilty in Maine, will I have to face AZ punishment (fines, jail, etc.) when I return home.
AZ will not sentence you to fines or jail for a Maine OUI. They will, however, suspend your license upon notice of...
1) Do the district court fines need to be paid in full prior to filing petition?
State of Maine: OUI 1st offense non-aggravated. Will be filing petition for ignition interlock. Payment plan established with district court to pay fines. 1) Do the district court fines need to be paid in full prior to filing petition? 2) Does the licence reinstatement fee/form need to be filed with the petition?
The Fine does not have to be paid before you are allowed to petition. However, you must pay your fine as ordered or...
Should I contest a speeding ticket if I already have a DUI reduced to reckless driving in the last year?
I was stopped for speeding. 68 in 50. When officer approached, I did admit that I was going "a little" too fast, but don't think it was that much over.
Sure you should. Just because you were arrested for DUI a year ago does not mean there is no chance for a good outcome...
Can I get charged an oui for driving on my own private property?
Police came to our house on an unrelated issue, I got arrested for oui while moving my truck from the side yard.
While I cannot speak for Maine law, most states have now defined DUI offenses in such a way that a person can be cited...