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Will I be drug tested on the day of my 4th court hearing which is probably my last
I was not arrested but charged with a 3rd degree misdemeanor , the court referred me to a counseling program for mental issues and substance abuse. I was admitted. I completed the program. the family affairs woman told me that the program would get my charges dropped. When I go back to court for my 4th hearing in a week, will they drug test me? It should be my last hearing hopefully and I think the judge will drop the case but, will they give me a drug test on that date? I am in Connecticut.
What was the substance causing the problem? You need to plan that you will be drug tested to be on the safe side.
Will having been arrested for DUI and marijuana possession affect the marriage between I (a US citizen) and my fiance (J1 Visa)?
Will having been arrested for DUI and marijuana possession affect the marriage between I (a US citizen) and my fiance (J-1 Visa). 3 years ago i was arrested and charged with a DUI and marijuana possession. i paid my fines and did all the community service necessary to get it off my record. from my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong, but the charges are only removed from my state record but stay on federal record for 10 years. will this affect a marriage between myself and my fiance who is here on a J-1 visa but is not subject to section 212 e. also will this affect her from getting a green card?
Not the marriage, but your chances of getting a green card, yes. DUI may be a CMIT, and a controlled substance...
Just got out of jail for DUI. Probation threatening me to admit to drinking causing false positives for alcohol. No way no use
Positives for alcohol must be wrong no drinking in almost 2 yrs why no one will listen to me and say hair test myst be paid for by me I am 69 and retired cannot afford. Just got subsidized housing 2 weeks ago. Must go to counseling 9-12 in am. Being intimated by probation Leah Testo into admitting something I did not do. could lose housing and more HELP
The hair folicle testing would substantiate your claim of not drinking. If you do not get some support for your cause,...
What is the best choice for an ignition interlock device in CT?
How do I know what ignition interlock device to get? What are the differences? Are some more reliable or less prone to problems?
Google interlock connecticut companies should get you started comparing.
How to get NJ license on CT suspension due to DUI in NJ?
I had a DUI in NJ which got my CT license suspended as well. I got a three month suspension, BAC level was dropped and I was not required to install an Interlock Device. In order to get a NJ license I need to reinstate CT license. They require me to install an interlock device for a year. Is there a work around to this( any appeal process) . If not can i remove the interlock device once I get the NJ license rather than waiting for a year. I reside in NJ now.
While in Connecticut you need to comply with Connecticut law . Ct law does not go beyond the borders of Connecticut and...
Will this DUI charge stick as I was home and nowhere near my vehicle when police came?
So here's my situation, I hit a parked car right by my home and left it parked in a lot next to where I live. I was home for about 20 min or so (washed up) when Police came and brought me out to my car. The Officer asked if I had been drinking to which I replied "I was drinking at home" the Officer then did his sobriety test and proceeded to place me under arrest (no Miranda rights until I was already at the station.) The Officer stated that he called malarkey because it takes 30 min for alcohol to be absorbed by the body and that my eyes were glossy?? Anyway, I refused breathalyzer & blood work. When I obtained my Police report alot of areas were literally whited out and said I was only being charged with evading. Then when I went to court the prosecutor had a totally different report charging me for possesion of marijuana (under legal limit CT), evading, failure to maintain lane, and DUI
This is not TV drama. This is real life. "will the charges stick" is a question only asked in a fictional show by a...
If convicted of dwi in CT will that affect my driving privaledges in ny? I drive for work
.I caught a dwi in CT last week. Pretty much. I was parked on the side if exit ramp. Ex 3 Greenwich. Southbound...meaning going towards ny..pretty much sleep..cops pull up. Couldn't find my ls i was lookong in my arm rest but it was n glove box but I was startled .but i told him my losxense i was very cooperative. .. they ask me to step instead of arguing with them or telling them no , I know my rights etc etc etc...I step out..they give me a field test. Walk line heel to heel. Lift one leg up. Then close my eyes and count for 30bsec and open them......he said I opened my eyes after 60 he cuffed me...locked me up n bridgeport that's where the state troopers barcade is gave me ticket for dwi, parking at a bad spot and driving w out liscense...ask me to take breathalyzer at station. .I refused.. ...I have a clean prior. Etc. I need my ls for work
I already answered your previous question. Simply put if you have no prior DUI arrests or convictions in CT or any...