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Can I get a license to carry a firearm with 2 dui on my record from the year 2007?
Want to carry firearm for my protection. Had 2 misdemeanor dui in 2007
Nope, you are barred under PA law from getting a concealed carry permit.
Stopped driving under suspension dui related 75SS1543SSB1..questioning probable cause
stopped driving under suspension dui related 75SS1543SSB1..questioning probable cause as officer stated I crossed a white line, 9 miles past of where he stopped me. But, on the citation of (driving on roadways landed for traffic) he noted that I crossed the center yellow line in a different location approx 2-3 miles from where he stopped me (which was after three turns). My hearing is today..sadly, I just noticed this discrepancy yesterday.
Unfortunately, an officer can wait a period of time before he pulls you over. While it does look suspicious, the...
Points on License for NON- DUI or driving related Possession Conviction?
I received a letter from the PA Dept of Transportation after serving a six month driving suspension for misdemeanor possession of controlled substance (marij.) stating that, " upon restoration, PA law requires PennDOT to assign 5 points to your driving record (Section 1545 of the PA vehicle code). Your driving record now shows a total of 5 points." I'm just confused as to why points were added to my driving record when neither a car or driving were even remotely involved in my criminal case and from what I have skimmed of Section 1545 of the PA vehicle code it relates to Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Thank you for your help!
Unfortunately, PENNDOT has wide latitude to revoke, suspend, or add points to your license as long as the law allows it....
Is it legal to make an error on sworn statements by state trooper.should that breath test not be aloud as evidence
dui jury trial found breath machine test time on paper was 7:08 am at police barracks trooper file on sworn statement it was taken at 6:35 am
First, errors get made all of the time. Is it legal?? Sure. Is it good for the commonwealth?? Depends on the other...
Can I buy a gun with a DUI on my record in the state of Pennsylvania?
I want to buy a Mosin Nagent, which is a WWII rifle. I want the gun because it is a very cool piece of history. Anyway I have a DUI I had gotten back in 2013 and was wondering if I am legally allowed to purchase a firearm. I am worried if I go try to buy the gun and I'm not legally allowed to I will get into trouble. I'm not on probation or anything like that and have completed the ARD program quite a while ago. I have no other criminal background except for my DUI, so in the state of PA is it legal to buy a firearm with a DUI on my record?
If you got ARD for your DUI then you do not have a conviction for that offense. If you otherwise have a clear record...
I've been charged with a dui and a 1543b does that mean I have to do jail time no matter what?
My liscence was suspended for a dui 17 years ago, I've had a few driving under suspensions since then. And I have 2 dui pending. One has not been scheduled for court yet and I just got the other a couple weeks ago.
I am not licensed in Pennsylvania, so out of respect for any experienced DUI attorney from PA who answers your question...
Will I have charges on my record still?
I was arrested for Dui minor dui gen imp. duo controlled substance dui comb alcohol \drugs. purchase of minor and a wrong lane violation. this is my first offence all of them I was accepted into ard. and have a court date coming I was wondering on paperwork charges going to court were Dui. minor. dui general imp. and the purchase and traffic lane will I still have these on my record in my county I believe it charges you with summary offences but I'm not sure how it works
If you successfully complete ARD the charges for which are entered in ARD are eligible to be expunged. Some counties...