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2md dui in 13 years no tickets in this time blow a .2 refuse to take 2nd test at station
was in pick up has cdl lience
A refusal to testis a very serious offense. It is charged asa a gross misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year...
DUI case going to trial
Need a lawyer to represent in 3mths in court for 2nd deg misdemeanor refusal gross 1 prior 3rd deg driving under the influence Is there room still for negotiation at this point plea bargain What's the best plea bargain they can budge to
At this point you are in a reactive position. Have you already received a trial date? If you have this puts any...
I need legal assistance to remove a hold on my North Carolina DL. The hold is from a DUI 10 yrs ago.
I am trying to obtain a DL in Minnesota. There is a hold from NC preventing me from obtaining one now. I had a DUI about 10 years ago and paid the fines etc. but never got a license again so am now finding this issue.
Contact NC officials. You may or may not need attorney assistance. Tricia Dwyer Esq.
If you get an underage drinking citation, but you weren't driving does your license get revoked?
I was walking in a random gravel road and I cop stopped by and asked me what I was doing then asked to breathalyze me. I got a citation and I know the consequences, but I am just wondering if my license will get suspended?
Here's a few general principles as to certain potential MN DMV issues and possible repercussions: 1.) A DWI offense...
How can I keep an underage drinking citation off of my record?
So after graduation I went home and had a few drinks with my parents then stopped by at a party (I have never drank before this or gotten in trouble for anything), which obviously was a mistake because as I was leaving my friend told me that the car coming this towards us was my ride home but it was actually a cop and they breathalyzed me and I got a .03 so I got a citation. Is there anyway I could make a deal in court to make sure this isn't on my record? I know how big of a mistake I made so if could get any advice it would be helpful.
The officer may not have had a sufficient basis for testing you and the results may be able to be suppressed. A good...
Is intent to drive a crim in mn
drove to liquer store was outside of it after purchase doors both locked keys in pocket
No its not. But if this was for DUI or some driving without a valid license offense then your confession to driving it...
Can a DPS administrative review be taken to a jury trial
The Minnesota DPS has charged me with an interlock program violation of " fewer than thirty initial tests in a month" I asked for a review and sent a letter explaining that I have a limited license with an employee exemption.. I drive my company issued work vehicle for to and from work and for work.. I do not drive my vehicle with my interlock because I can't drive two vehicles at the same time to work. I am a construction Forman and estimator so I have to take my work vehicle to work.. I am not legally allowed to drive other than for work.. So I don't drive my vehicle with my interlock .. Long story short I apparently was one initial start short of 30 so they sustained the initial violation and have extended my revocation period . Can I apeal this decision and request a jury trial?
Not a jury trial, no. However, you may be able to petition for judicial review. Talk privately with a DWI lawyer to...