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I recently moved to Michigan from Arizona. I currently have a suspended license for a DUI in Arizona, and I was wondering if I could get a license in Michigan? It is my first DUI and Arizona requires me to have an interlock device for 6 months, and I know that Michigan does not require one for your first offense. Do they look up the records in other states and determine the status then? Current to Michigan's DUI laws upon reinstatement of a license, I have done everything I should have to be able to get a license. According to Arizona's laws, I need the interlock device. Would Michigan overlook this, since their requirements are different for a first time DUI offender? Or would I have to comply with the Arizona laws and get an interlock device to get my license reinstated in Arizona first.
Michigan Secretary of State will check the National Driver Registry, and will presumably find your name on it with a...
beyond the recommendations of the per - sentence report and beyond what one of the two injured parties requested . My son who had never been in trouble with the law was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle in which two people were injured . He pleaded no contest to two felony Drunk driving charges in which others sustained serious injuries . The per - sentence report recommended up to one year in county jail . One of the two injured parties asked for up to a year the other that he went to prison . His lawyer said he would do jail or if prison a boot camp early release program . Judge sentenced him to 23 to 60 months and said no boot camp . Does he have any chance at appeal or is there no legal issue to appeal here since sentence is within guidelines regardless of per - sentence report
Your question can only really be answered by an experienced criminal defense attorney with experience in handling post-...
2nd amendment (not directly anyway), it comes from a Supreme Court decision ABOUT the 2nd Amendment called "The District of Columbia vs. Heller" . The 2nd Amendment, as written by the Founding Fathers and set down in the Bill of Rights is: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Which (until 2008 when the Washington gun lobby stepped in) has always been interpreted as "You have the right to bear arms, as long as you are serving in a militia". It was only AFTER DoC v. Heller (when the NRA flooded the case with cash) that it was re-interpreted as "You have the right to bear arms, unconnected with military service".
In Colonial era, "well regulated" meant properly trained. Militia was a group of private citizens with a common...
The evidence (photos) was made public on facebook by the person on probation.
Yes, if you know who the probation officer is. It would be up to the probation officer to decide whether or not to...
I was in line to leave a state park. A DNR officer came up and said they had a report of someone smoking marijuana in a blue Ford Taurus. I was a passenger in the car. I didn't know why they stopped us because we were in a green Taurus, not a blue one. They then said they didn't smell marijuana and left. They came back a couple minutes later and saw a beer can in the car. We were then all pulled out of the car and I was given an MIP because they smelled alcohol on me. No one was given a breathalyzer and the driver only received an MIP, not a DUI. The police gave MIPs to the three people they smelled alcohol on. They let another girl in the car drive home because she said she hadn't been drinking, although she had. They also didn't confiscate some alcohol that was in a juice container.
To fight this charge you should contact a local attorney. Good luck.
Is there anything I can do? I recieved a dui in 1995. In Oct, 2000 I recieved a 2nd DUI. During this time I have been denied 3 times for drivers license reinstatement...(reasons: to little elapsed time of sobriety, not enough letters.....). It has now been 10 years with no license. The rejections stripped my self confidence and self worth, and struggle mustering up yet another package. Is there another alternative? I am preparing yet another package, but please if there is another route for license reinstatement It would be greatly appreciated.
You may be able to get a license in CO.
my sons father has been arrested about 10 times for dui related charges in pennsylvania. he is currently on state parole and has ran is now living michigan, about a month ago he got arrested for another dui (well ouil there) now will they take into account his other duis when sentencing takes place
It will have an effect on the new case. States will be able to see that the person was charged and convicted in...