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What are the penalties for DUI 1st offense?
My friend has a court for DUI next week and both of us are worried about the penalties
Assuming it's charged as a misdemeanor, if it's a c misdemeanor then it's 0-60 days. If it's an A misery then it's 0-...
Do you get drug tested if you're on probation in Indiana
I am on probation for owi, there were no drugs involved. I've already been to two probation meetings and they haven't tested me or mentioned anything about testing me. My buddy is also on probation for something else and he isn't gettt tested. Wouldn't they let me know in advance because doesn't cost money?
Normally drug testing is not involved in probation for owi if drugs, other than alcohol, were not involved in the charge
BMV time to reinstate license?
I went to court for an OWI and my license was suspended retroactive 60 days from August 10 so that is complete. SR-16 and SR-22 have been sent out. The BMV says the can't tell me when the disposition is processed, but once it is my license will be reinstated after 10 business days. Shouldn't it be processed vety quickly if it was sent electronically? The BMV is giving the most confusing responses
You are not the first to be frustrated by the BMV. 10 business days (2 weeks) was their standard response before...
Can i sue for public humiliation?
i got hired at this job and i told people i got hire and gave old job 2 weeks notice. i went to take drug test but the temperature thing did not read so they said i failed and will not let me retake test and now i can not be hired....i do not do drugs and i peed in the cup myself..
This is unfortunate but bringing a claim does not make sense under theses facts. Who would you even sue? There has to...
If you get a dui and its not on your records does your license not get suspended
Dui license friend
Not sure if you are talking about getting a charge or if a conviction. The court does not suspend your license but...
When did Indiana lawyer change to where a person is now forced to give a blood test after breathalyzer results are inconclusive
Was taken to county jail to was told to give breath in machine after breathing in machine and for whatever reason no good results so I was taken to hospital or whatever it was and was told I hv a warrant to give blood when did these laws change in Indiana
Sorry to lazy to google for you. Ask your lawyer or google change in law you'll get your answer faster if you do it.
Do I have to tell an job application that i have a owi? It only asked if I have ever had a dui or dwi? I live in Indiana.
I am apply for UPS delivery driver and the application ask "Have you ever had a dui/dwi in the past 3 years? I wasn't convicted of either, I was convicted of owi. They never caught me driving the vehicle, they caught me after the fact but i admitted to driving the vehicle. I am wondering if i have to tell answer yes or no on that question.
You don't think they will run a background check of you especially with the DMV given you are applying as a driver?