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What will happen with a 2nd DUI offense with a positive Delta-9-THC blood level ?
In 2009 I was charged with a DUI (Ambien) which was prescribed to me. I lost my license but got it back. I was just charged with a 2nd offense Operating with restricted controlled substance. My blood level was 4.7 ng/ml of delta-9-THC. I am scared of going to jail please let me know what could happen. I go to court for a preliminary June 8th thank you.
Preliminary hearings are for felony cases. A second offense OWI is not a felony. Is 6/8 your initial appearance? Or...
Was arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania I live in wisconsin
I was arrested for suspicion of DUI on 6-2-13 and was released the same night with no paperwork and was told I would receive paperwork in the mail in 6-8 weeks if anything was filed..its 8-7-14 over 14 months later and I just received paperwork in the mail saying charges were is that possible
The State of PA can file criminal DUI charges anytime within the applicable statute of limitations, which can be...
What is the first thing i should i do when getting my first dui?
10 day respond paper.
Seek out an experienced DUI attorney in the area that the DUI originates. Avvo's find a lawyer section should help in...
My son was deemed incompetent and his criminal case was suspended, should there have been a legal guardian appointed?
My son has a 3rd OWI charge, an OAR charge, and a bail jumping charge, he was deemed incompetent, and a CR-206 order of commitment to WI dept of health services was ordered by the Judge, and his criminal cases were all suspended, no legal guardian was appointed, should there have been?
The criminal justice system and civil just move through separate courts and rarely meet. If you desire a guardian for...
Failed field sobriety test but passed bac is it possible to have charge lowered tosomething else like inattentive driving etc
car went off road and back on without damage raining wet pavement coming off I-43 off ramp to hwy 23 person called police were waiting at house gave field test failed bac .007
Based upon these limited facts, this appears to be a very defensible case. You should have received an OWI citation...
Once a person is convicted and sentenced for a dui ,can they be resentenced because of a court mistake?
3rd offense dui child in car in sheboygan county wisconsin.was sentenced to nine months jail and 2 years probation case was closed.just started serving court is saying a mistake was made with the probation part of sentence(apparently they cannot give probation for these offenses),and so the they made a new court date now ,which i believe is another sentencing hearing,but not entirely sure.public defender says she cannot guarantee they would not give prison this time.this seems very odd to this even legal?thanks
Please post the information I previously requested. Without that information, I cannot give you anymore advice than I...
Can I be charged with a DUI I was given while sitting inside a bar ?
I did drive to the bar and hit a fence while backing into my parking spot. Someone called the police and they came in and arrested me for DUI. I was not in or near my vehicle when the police arrived. Can this charge actually go through ?
You can be charged with DUI however the key question is whether the State will be able to convict you of the DUI...