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An intoxicated woman backed into our home. 3 months later still waiting for ins. co to take care of damages. Seeking advice.
An intoxicated woman backed into our home 3 months ago. I have submitted 1 bid from a highly reputable licensed contractor. I have made MANY calls to other companies and contractors and am having difficulties finding anyone who is capable of handling the job. The insurance company does not like the bid and is offering 12,000.00 less than what the bid is for. I have diligently calling local contractors and masons but have got nowhere. our home is in disarray. we are completely embarrassed over our home in the state that it is in and just want the damages paid for and our home fixed. Thank you for your time.
Settle the matter with your homeowner company and let them deal with the other company. They will subrogate and when...
Will I be charged with DUI?
I left a restaurant after having 3 light beers and an IPA. I hit a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road, not very bad but cops were called and needed to file accident report. I admitted to the cop the beverages that I had, he placed me under arrest and then took me to the local hospital for blood to be taken. About half an hour after, the arresting officer took me home, returned my weapons and we ended on a firm handshake. I received my accident report and it reads the prime factor of accident is "other improper driving actions" however, it does say that I had the number of beers I said I had in the officers description. The bac section is also unknown. What can I expect?
There is no definitive answer to your question. It sounds that certainly if the officer wanted to charge you with DUI,...
How do I quash an active warrant for a Dui
Just found out I have an active warrant for a dui 3 years ago I didn't know I was charged because when I left the police station they didn't give me paperwork and at the time didn't have an address because I was bouncing around from friend and family's house I was never trying to hide I worked the same job and lived in the same place for 2 years now but a friend just seen my pic saying I have an active warrant and wanna know how to deal with it because I can't afford a lawyer
Hire a criminal defense attorney who can help make arrangements to turn yourself in and explain the circumstances. He...
Arrest warrants for dui from 3 years ago
I just found out I have an active arrest warrant and was wondering if it's a good idea to turn myself in to the court and what's my chance of jail I been working the same job for 2 years and living in the same house I was never hiding from this the night in general someone called and said they seen a car side swipe a parked car when the police arrived I was sitting on the curb and 3 streets away and if convicted can i sue the police station in the next town for pulling me over which I did not have a license wasn't suspended I just never went for it and no insurance the officer gave ticket for driving without a license and let me drive away
Its a better idea to consult with a Criminal Defense Attorney in your area to give you specific advice after reviewing...
Hit by a drunk driver
I was rear ended by a drunk driver with my 1 year old and 2 14 yr olds in the car. The driver did not attempt to put on his brakes. We were hit pretty hard. He also fled the scene. However, due to the damage to his vehicle, he only made it 1/2 mile down the road. The PA state police showed up and took the driver into custody. It is now 5 months later and no charges have been filed. This has had a major impact on our lives in several different ways. I cannot seek compensation unless he is found guilty. I am concerned that the driver will not get charged. It irks me that he fled the scene and had no regard to the people in my vehicle or any injuries they may have had. His concern was getting away and it appears that he has accomplished that. Where is the justice for me and my family? I make several calls to the state police who assure me charges will be filed but can't tell me when. Is there anyway or could an attorney push those charges to be filed? My family and I want to move on.
Sorry for what you and your family have had to endure. One point of clarification, he does not need to be found guilty...
Is it illegal for my college to record me taking a take home test?
My college is requiring that we be recorded while taking a take home test. The entire class is uncomfortable with this and has requested to take the test in class proctored. I'm just wondering if there are an legal ramifications to this as we all are not consenting and don't believe we've signed anything stating that we have consented.
I'm curious, at the risk of making you and the entire class "uncomfortable"; at the college level, how could you...
What happens during a DUI refusal arrest?
Hi, I had a very unusual arrest happen so I am trying to find out what usually happens during a PA chemical test refusal arrest. Does the Wilkes-Barre police department record anything on their vehicle or during the "arrest" at the station? Do they typically search your car? Mine wasn't searched. Thanks in advance.
You are now facing a one year driver suspension because of the refusal