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Can i get a licence if i got a dui in 1997 and never completed the classes this was my 1st DUI?
I havent drank ever since and i havent got a ticket in the last 4 years and all good gobs require a drivers licence .
If you were convicted of a DUI you will need to complete the DUI program before you will get a driver's license.
What classes do i have to do if i had a bac count of .15 and this was in1997. This happens. To be my first DUI
I need to take care of this i live in Sanger Ca 93657 can you locate the nearest. School. Im off of Bethel ave and Jensen ave in SANGER. CA. THANK YOU... my 1st DUI i never completed the classes.
This is NOT how the site works. Why don't you type your question into Google? Absent that, perhaps visit the...
DUI case status says: Full Payment Collections AND Case Assigned to Collections
My sister had a DUI years ago and fought it but was convicted. She got behind on payments due to a divorce, so I paid for her. every month with cash However, I looked up her case information and it says the last payment was received Feb. 2016. It shows she is still on probation (should have ended in February). Then it states: Full Payment Collections AND Case Assigned to Collections as of this month. "Collections - Misdemeanor Receipt # ($170.00). may 2016" Does this mean she didn't pay? Or that the debt is paid off? I have asked her and gotten no response. I just worry because she is going through a custody battle and has illegally driven without a license and I don't want her to get into trouble. I'd like to know what i'm talking about before we discuss this matter.
If you the case number, you can probably get the information you need directly from the clerk's office at the courthouse.
Can a drunken statement be an admission of guilt in a DUI situation? Is a DUI probable without anyone witnessing me drive ?
I was arrested for DUI but there were no witnesses that saw me drive nor did a police officer. I was parked in a parking lot and a security guard saw my vehicle slightly over the curb in a parking stall but didn't see me drive at all. My vehicle was off and my keys were not in the ignition nor was the vehicle running. He came to check on me and thought I was drunk and possibly drinking and driving so he called the cops. The cops asked me to take a field sobriety test and I refused but being on misdemeanor DUI probation I did consent to a breath test. The tests were 6 minutes apart, the first read .11 and the second read .10. I don't recall telling the officer that I was driving at all nor was I. I was drinking in my truck on private Property and intended on going upstairs to my office to sleep. In the officers statement for the DMV hearing he said that I "admitted to driving" but never specified as to when I said I was driving. I don't recall even giving that statement in reference to the time I was actually drinking as I was parked drinking. If I did say I drove it was in reference to earlier. Is this enough to establish I was driving while intoxicated? Probable cause for arrest?
The probable cause to arrest is sufficient based on a reasonable likelihood that you would drive. As to beating the...
Can I sue a bar if a drunk patron attacked me from behind as soon as I stepped out the door?
Was talking with a friend about business we have because he is a promoter and I was looking to have him market a brand for me. Anyways for no reason to my knowledge this drunk guy follows me and my fiance out the back door. One step then two steps then I'm being choked from behind by this guy for no reason . My fiance pushes him off and gets hurt but not badly. I get up and slam him to the floor and hold his head down asking him what did I do and he says I know what I did. Soon after a few bouncers come and resolve the situation. We leave quickly to avoid him attacking again and now I have all his info. What do I do now?
You can talk to a lawyer if you want. But unless you're ready to prove that the drunk guy's actions were foreseeable (...
Who should I call to get proof of dismissal or refusal to file charges from a 2010 DUI arrest?
In 2010, I was arrested for suspected DUI. I refused a breathalyzer and was booked into Fresno County jail pending the results of a blood test. My blood test came back .06 and my DMV hearing was cancelled, and my charges were never filled, and I was never called to court for a preliminary hearing. Six years later, I applied for Global Entry with Customs and Boarder Control. My arrest did not show up in my background check, but it did show up when they took my finger prints. They (CBP) said I need proof of dismissal of the case to move forward. I checked the county records online (I no longer live there) and did not find any information regarding my case or arrest. I contacted my previous attorney who said he would look into it, but after multiple follow-ups, he has not responded, or provided any information. At this point, I don't even know where to go to get this proof, or who to contact. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
You might want to contact the DA's office. If they turned it down (didn't file it), they can tell you when that...
Can dmv override a judge in california?
First dui.
With respect to what? Need more details to be able to give you any answers.