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My boyfriend got two dui's in a 4 month time period and lost his license for four years, does he get them back by his first, or
second ticketed date or by his conviction date.? we don't know if it will be July or January.
The best way to figure this out is to call DMV and ask. With multiple actions like this, it's impossible to know for...
Can I get licence in WA if there sospended in nc
I was taking a prescription meds and recievec two dui and one dwi in a very short period of time. What do I need to do
I'm not licensed in Washington State; but, I do think it makes sense for you to get some background on NC license...
Aiding and abetting a dui?
Ok, so me and my friend were visiting in North Carolina. I was really tired so i let my friend drive my tuck. He was pulled over after a night out at about 8 in the morning for speeding, and then was asked to take a breathalyzer. We stopped drinking around 130 the previous night and I had no idea that he could even possibly still legally be considered drunk. I also have no idea how much he had drink the previous night. Do the police have a case? And what kind of trouble could I face?
GREAT QUESTION. You may wish to review a previous posting on a VERY similar inquiry. (See Link Below). The quick...
Can two individuals be charged in the same DUI Case
Scenario: Two brothers wreck their vehicle. The driver gets out and runs. Police show up and want the passenger to take a breathalyzer. He refuses and is cited for DUI. The next day the driver goes to the police station and confesses where he is charged with careless and reckless. The passenger then goes to a DMV hearing to get his license back and is refused. Is this legal? Two people are now charged from the same incident. Obviously they both were not driving. I have a lawyer but I'm a young fellow and may not be getting the attention I need from my attorney. Thank you for your time and attention concerning this matter
If you already have an attorney then you really should address your questions and concerns with them, as they are in...
Interlock fail
I had an interlock fail one morning b/c mouthwash I know. I was in a hurry late for work and didnt think about it from the time I used the wash and a couple mins later getting in truck. So called a coworker to pick me up since he was down the road. This is just my only fail I have had. I go in two weeks for calibration/reading. Is this going to hurt me or will the agent let me explain and hopefully not report it, if also i show I have changed to a non alcohol wash and promise it wont happen again. Would he follow and watch that I have no more bad readings and let it go?
Chances are the provider is going to report it to the probation officer, who will likely report it to the court. Keep...
How long doe a dwi stat on your record in nc
is it a criminal offence or a traffice offence. a friend went for a job and was denied. because of his record. 20 years ago a dwi.
I don't practice in NC, but DUI is generally a misdemeanor. It will stay on your record until removed by the...
How can I get my drivers license back for a out of state N.C. D.U.I?
About 6 years ago I recieved a D.U.I. in North Carolina. 15 days later I got another one. I completed my 24 hours of community service and paid all the fines so that first DUI was 100% taken care of. In the mean time I moved to Wisconsin. I traveled back and fourth to NC 3 times that year for court dates but started a new job in wisconsin and missed the last appearance. Now I have a 2 year old son, own and opperate a technology company, own a house and have everything except for my drivers liceanse. Driving is a daily risk I have taken for the last 6 years to be able to make a living and now more than ever take care of my family. I keep running into brick walls and need a liceanse for so many things. How can I get my drivers liceanse back without returning to North Carolina? Is it possible to get the case sent up here for sentencing or is it possible to get North Carolina to drop the case if I agree to never return. I am unable to recieve a occupational license in Wisconsin because of this as well. Any input would be great, the lawyer I had down there has disappeared with my money so I am out of ideas at this point. There has to be a way.
A second charge of DUI/DWI in North Carolina is going to necessitate an active sentence upon conviction of at least 7...