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How do I go about getting DUI expenses wavered?
I am a 60 year old woman who needs to have my license reinstated but can not afford the expense. I live with my daughter who is a single parent of 2 children. She works everyday and has a lot of running around her own self with her children and errands she has to do. After my 2nd DUI 08/18/2011 I completed the Risk Reduction Class... Did the clinical treatment class... Did my court ordered time for community service...and do not have any other traffic violations. I have waited over 4 years to try and reinstate my license just to find out I have to do all of this again. How can I get these expenses wavered?
It may not be possible. Otherwise, as I'm sure you'll understand, there would be no cost to DUI and folks would...
How can I get these expenses wavered or reduced?
I am a 60 yr. old woman who was arrested for DUI 4/09/2010 and also 08/18/2011. I spent 60 days in jail... I completed Risk Reduction classes... took the Clinical Treatment classes...Did my court ordered time for community service... and have no other traffic violations... There was no bodily harm done in either incident. I have waited until now 02/21/2015 to try and get my licenses reinstated... to find I will have to go through the classes again and have the interlock installed. I can not afford all of this expense. I am now on SSI disability and live with my daughter who has a hard time taking care of me and her other 2 children. How can I get this expense wavered?” I need my license so that I can take some of the burden off of my daughter.
It may not be possible. Otherwise, as I'm sure you'll understand, there would be no cost to DUI and folks would perhaps...
What can I do if I was drunk and don't remember what I told the police? Fiance charged with aggravated assault and battery.
Me and my fiancé had an argument while drinking. I asked him to leave but he refused so I decided to leave the home and call the police to avoid a mutual combat. I fell outside, I didn't have on any shoes or my glasses when the police arrived I came from my neighbors and the say I had blood coming from my nose and mouth. They immediately place my fiancé under arrest. I was very intoxicated and do not remember what I told them. However the next day I went to speak with the chief of police to give a statement while sober in writing also given to the DA. The state has picked up the case and said Im only trying to defend my fiancé. Well I do not want him to go to prison for something I cannot clear recall occurring. Also he is a convicted felon for drug charges which makes matters worst.
I am sorry that your family is going through this, in most cases if you were intoxicated it will affect the credibility...
I was arrested for DUI less safe what will happen?
I gave my keys to a friend they were taking me home could not find my house and left me on side of road. I do not remember anything except waking up in jail not knowing what happened. I was told I also refused to take a breath test and do not remember that either!
Under the circumstancesit will be in your best interest to retain an attorney. You are facing criminal charges that...
What are the penalties for a drunk driver causing an accident, his wife survives, however, her unborn child becomes a fatality.
This is a scenario in a screenplay I am writing. The judges decision important to how the story plays out.
In Georgia, there is a real chance that this would be called manslaughter.
Can I be extradited back to Colorado for marijuana use in GA? Had dui in Colorado and doing probation here?
Just attended probation here and tested positive for marijuana
You could be extradited back to Colorado if they were inclined to do that. However, since you just had a DUI in...
What should I do to prepare for court for my 2nd dui?
I have possession of marijuana less than an ounce and failure to maintain lane
Hire a lawyer.