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  • Police respond to possible shooting in Sharpes

    Wednesday Sep 7 | via Florida Today 

    Police respond to possible shooting in Sharpes The report of the shooting occurred on the 4100 block of N. U.S. 1 near Fairglen Elementary Check out this story on Police are searching for a possible victim after receiving a report of a shooting off U.S. 1 near Olsen Road in Sharpes on Wednesday evening.


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1st DUI charge and looking for lawyer and advice.
I was arrested in Brevard County, Florida. This is my first offense. I have no prior arrests. The cops stated they pulled me over for "failure to stay in designated lane". I complied with the field tests and blew a .28. I was released on cash bond the next morning. Currently searching for a top DUI defense lawyer. Any recommendations and my chances of reduced sentence, etc.
We're not permitted to make recommendations here. All we can say is to use the find a lawyer function.
Will it take long to get flag off of driving record on national database
I was arrested ten years ago in Missouri.I fled the seen of an accident on foot and was caught later that night.I refused the breath test and I spent night in jail.I was just passing through on my way to Chicago.I got lawyer and all I did was pay fine and never appeared in court.Since that time I've had three Illinois drivers liscenses .I moved to Florida and there was flag from Missouri and now I have to take a level one DUI class and evaluation. I was never sent any paperwork on that or I would have done it ten years ago.
You need to contact a lawyer in Missouri and find out what the problem is there.
What are the chances of early termination?
I got 2 years for a robbery, which was really a petty theft and resistance. It was written into my clause that I am eligible for early termination after a year. I have reached a year and successfully completed well over what was asked of me. I have had urinary retention problems and have had to had a catheter twice. I couldn't urinate for my urine test but obtained a blood test through a hospital. My probation officer says she must report my medical condition and my circumstances to the state. What are my chances of early termination?
I'd say your chances are pretty good, based upon what you've posted.
Does the fact that the last DUI conviction was over 10 years ago and the first two DUI convictions were over 20 affectsentencing
My husband is being charged with his fourth DUI conviction. 1988 1992 2003 2016 does the fact that the other three were so long ago affect sentencing? I see that he could get five years maximum in prison is that likely?
Yes. He won;t have a minimum mandatory sentence but he will be aggressively prosecuted. Make no mistake that...
How do you get a DUI dismissed when the charges were issued passed the statute of limitations in our state. 4 years
My husband was arrested for DUI and driving on a revoked license in our neighboring county. When I posted his bail we were told there was a bench warrant for his arrest on a DUI in our county. He had been arrested in 2012 for driving without a license. He refused to take the Breathalyzer test and was released from jail ROR the following day. He wasn't given a court date or any DUI charges. It wasn't until his arrest in another county that we found out about the bench warrant. We did move to a home we purchased in 2013, but we filed a forwarding address with the post office. At no time did we leave the state or country. Since this DUI charge was not delivered until nearly 4 years later it is past the statute of limitations for a 3rd degree felony DUI in Florida. We informed the court appointed attorney of this and he has not put in a request to have the charges dismissed for this reason. What can we do?
Ask your attorney why he is not pursuing it. Likely he has a good reason, but we should not second guess him here.
If I have a 3rd DUI arrest, but this is the first one I have had in more than 10 years. Can the other 2 be counted against me?
I was arrested in February 2016 for DUI and driving while my license was revoked. My last one was in 2002. I thought the law was that if you get more than one in 10 years it's a felony. The States Attorney wants to put me in jail for 3 years, followed by 3 years probation.
A third DUI offense within 10 years of the last conviction is a 3rd degree felony. It is punishable by up to five years...
What can I do to get my driving privilege back? Can I sue? I believe that my constitutional rights are being violated.
Michigan has a "hold"on my driving privilege, not allowing me to get a valid driving license in the state I have resided in for almost 20 years. I got a dui in Georgia in 11996.I complied with all conditions of my sentencing.To my knowledge I have no outstanding violations, tickets etc. I have not been able to have a valid driving license for almost 20 years. My mother has just been diagnosed with macular degeneration and won't be able to see soon, and will need assistance to get to doctors, stores etc. Please help.
You desperately need an attorney in Michigan or you will go another 20 years without driving. Holds must be cleared by...