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My boyfriend is in probation for a dui and he was arrested for eluding a police. Can he be charges with a felony?
My boyfriend is on probation for a dui, he was arrested for eluding a police officer. Now they are charging him with a felony. No one was hurt or anything. How can I help him?
It's generally a misdemeanor, but could be a felony if he was speeding or ran a light. You can help by getting him a...
I have a BAIID with a camera and a GPS installed on my truck.
I have a RDP for work use only. I stopped for fast food for dinner and the BAIID went off. I am going to assume that my picture and GPS coordinates were recorded by the device. I have not sent the unit into the SOS yet. When they receive the BAIID will this constitute a violation?
Possibly, contact a local DUI lawyer to help you though this, especially since you're looking at possible jail.
I paid my debt to society for DUI's in my past. How can Illinois penalize me on top of that? Isn't that unconstitutional?
I suffered from the disease of alcoholism for most of my life. During that time I received 5 DUI's and I paid my debt to society for them. Today I have 7 years sober and because of the passage of time I have only 1 DUI on my record. Despite that, I'm told that the state of Illinois has revoked my drivers license for the rest of my life and I that will never be able to drive again anywhere. Isn't that unconstitutional is some form or other? I did my time for the crime how can they penalize me for the rest of my life on top of that?
The state has an obligation to protect its people. Some crimes demand action and the Secretary of State has been...
Driving record, PDPS, and National say I have one DUI on my record yet i have a lifetime revocation. Can this be lifted?
I have past DUI's that have been taken off my record in Iowa due to passage of time.
I assume that you mean that you have had four DUI convictions and Illinois won't consider you for reinstatement. If...
Has anyone overturned a lifetime revocation in Illinois
I have 6 years sober and my whole life has changed. Now I'm on the verge of losing my job in March when we move to a new location because I cant get there. Last DUI was in 2005 in and I have 4 others out of state is there any hope for me. I feel like I'm going to be wearing this scarlet letter for the rest of my life.
Extrememly unlikely
How can you get a dui by walking to your broke down car?
The car broke down i left to get help and when i came back i was arrested for dui
Not sure why this was posted under lemon law. I will re-post so that you get answers regarding viable defenses to...
Can a DUI revoke my intense probation?
I'm currently on intense probation in Illinois and my wife got sick and threw up all over inside of the car. So I went to clean the car out and was pulled over for driving on suspended license and a DUI.
General conditions of any probation include obey all laws. You definitely need to consult with a criminal defense attorney.