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  • South metro police blotter excerpts

    Tuesday Jul 28 | via Star Tribune 

    Burglary. A laptop computer and e-tablet, valued at $500, were reported stolen from a home on the 4200 block of Quaker Trail NW.


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  • Arden Hills killer pleads guilty to bank robbery

    Wednesday Jul 15 | via Roseville Review 

    Earlier this year, Hoffman, 45, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the killing of his former boyfriend and business partner, Kelly L. Phillips, 48, outside an Arden Hills Holiday gas station during morning rush hour Aug. 11, 2014. Hoffman shot Phillips, a Boston Scientific executive, club owner and marriage equality activist, three times, once execution-style in the back of the head while Phillips pleaded for his life.


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  • 'Ty' Hoffman, serving time for Phillips murder, admi...

    Wednesday Jul 8 | via TwinCities 

    Lyle "Ty" Hoffman, convicted this year of murdering his ex-boyfriend in Arden Hills, admitted Wednesday he robbed a bank in Blaine while on the lam after shooting Kelly Phillips Hoffman pleaded guilty to one count of armed bank robbery before U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle in St. Paul According to the charges, filed in June, Hoffman used a gun to rob a TCF Bank in Blaine on Aug. 31 and made off with about $20,000. He pleaded guilty in January to intentional second-degree murder for the death of Phillilps.


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  • Charges dropped against 4 men in Mpls. pedal-pub att...

    Jun 24, 2015 | via Star Tribune 

    A frame grab from a YouTube video shows bicyclists being taken down by off-duty police officers who were on a PedalPub in downtown Minneapolis. Misdemeanor charges have been dismissed against four of the five men who were accused of ambushing pedal pubs in downtown Minneapolis last month with water balloons and squirt guns.


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Shakopee Law

I am to appear on 2/27 for a dui .16. Can I push this out ? til may. My son (10yr) and I going to be in Florida 3/9/ til 4/27 .
I am worried they will put me on probation this is my 1st time every to be in trouble at age 58. I have a little boy We have adopted 8 yrs ago, We go every year to be with my sister for 2 months. I am worried they will put me on probation and have some type of testing I have to to . Which will make me have to stay in Minnesota.
You might be able to push it out, but they may not do it for a vacation. Hire an attorney and they might be able to...
How do I file a petition for judicial review MYSELF to reinstate my license on a DWI?
Charged With 4Th Degree Dwi, Open Container, & Improper Lane Use. I Drive for A Living. First Offense. Was Stopped After Another Driver Reported Me swerving. Failed(?) Roadside Test. Unknown Roadside BAC. No Miranda On Site. Audio Recorded At Pd. I Gave Consent To Breath "Because Refusal Is Worse." 0.10 BAC (Breath) At Pd. 0.092 BAC At Jail. Cannot Work Without DL. Most Employers Won't Hire My Position With A Dwi. Need Money. Need Work. NEED HELP!
Although this is a proceed in which you can petition the court yourself, it may be in your best interest to seek the...
Hi I would like to get my cdl lic in Minnesota 1999 went to Florida on vacation got into trouble still have warrent there.
In 1999 was in Florida I live in Minnesota I was ordered to take anger management classes never did. I still have warrent for my arrest in Florida but want to get my Cdl lic in Minnesota for a job can I do this.
I doubt that DMV in Minnesota will have the Florida warrant information. However, you should clear up your Florida...
Why did the police take my license plates. I am a first time offender of a 4 degree dwi.
the officer that arrested me was also the arresting officier that protected me from a domestic. He was charged with a felony domestic charge. I was not charged
Your inquiry is confusing. Nonetheless, there appear to be potential defenses to the DWI including necessity if you...
Will it still be possible to get citizenship with the two charges below?
I plead guilty to drug paraphernalia in July 2005 and have a DWI in July 2008. Those are the only two charges. Can any one give me an honest answer if I can get approve for naturalization in the future and if anyone ever dealt with such case. I am getting mix answer from several attorneys. Thank you!
This looks like a repeat question. The only way you will get an answer to your satisfaction is to bring your court...
I got degree dui in shakoppe mn and what are the fine..
what are the fine and other stuff that i have to do
You don't provide many details here and you shouldn't. That being said, and while I don't practice in Minnesota, it...
Is there a unreasonable delay defense in Minnesota? What is it for forfitures?
I had my 3rd DUI in Sept 2004. I got my car back to sell it. I have been driving my car since 2005 bc I had no contact from anyone from the county and thought I was ok to drive it after a year and half. I have nothing else on my record and never been pulled over. In 2008 I get a summons telling me the prosecutor is going after my car. Is there a unreasonable time defense since they waited 4 years to go after my car?
You should consult a MN lawyer on this one. The filing of a criminal complaint usually stops the statute from running....