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Can I apply for citizenship while I have DUI?
Hello, I am living in the USA for 9 years. I got a DUI in August 2013 but I didn't get convicted till the end of the year 2013. I am planning to apply for citizenship, I am very concern if this DUI is going to be a problem on my application? Do i need to wait for certain months before make my application? thanks in advance
Generally, we see people need to wait 5 years from the date of the conviction following a DUI to apply for citizenship.
I received my first DUI in 1991 and my second in 2006 of June, why is DMV still showing it on my record? I
I completed a 18 month program and is paying monthly for a SR-22, I did not have an accident with second DUI; I was pulled over and arrested. The first I did damage someone house and my insurance paid for it, thankful that I do not injure anyone. Is there a form I can file to have them removed?
DMV records last forever.
How do i navigate the Board of Behavioral Sciences after a DUI? Can I be fired?
I am an ASW and when I wenter to renew, I received a letter saying that they knew about my recent DUI arrest and need to provide documentation. I haven't been to court yet and have nothing to provide. Can my statement to them be used against me? Will they renew without that information? Can they contact my job with this information?
It is in your best interest to hire an attorney and help you navigate this situation, including to review any...
Can I enter Mexico for vacation? I'm a permanent resident green card holder with a misdemeanor dui a few years ago.
Planning on going to Mexico for vacation wondering if I'll have a problem entering Mexico bec I have a dui record .
As long as you don't have any warrants and you took care of everything on that case you should not have a problem...
Will someone get deported after serving a six month sentence for a third DUI conviction?
My uncle is currently going to court for his third DUI. His case has been postponed by the judge several times. His attorney suggested he take a 6 month jail time deal. His concern is that he is currently in the process of renewing his permanent resident card. His application is currently being reviewed by USCIS. How likely is it that he will get deported after serving a six month sentence? Is it less likely if the sentence is shorter?
Best to consult with an immigration attorney. I thought San Francisco was a "sanctuary" city?
I was recently charged with a VC 23136 a week before my 21st birthday I'm 21 now can i get a restricted license?
I was wondering now that I am 21 years of age do I still need to apply for a critical need license even though I am no longer a minor or can I just apply for a restricted license.
I suggest that you call the good folks at CA-DMV (1-800-777-0133). If you follow the rule of the 3 "p"'s (be patient,...
Is it advisable for family to apply for tourist visa if my H1 visa has been prudentially revoked because of alleged DUI arrest?
I-94 is still valid for another 2 years. Case is complete (convicted of reckless driving not DUI) and currently on probation.
No. if they are coming to live with you.