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DUI and moving to another state
I plan on moving to California soon and I am worried that a Dui that I got in Florida 8 years ago will affect my job prospect. Is it possible to expunge an out of state dui in California? If so will it completely be eliminated to employers if a background check is done in any other state?
No, it will have to be expunged in Florida, under Florida law. Talk to a Florida criminal defense attorney.
CA DL with NJ DUI conviction. Does NJ DUI education course satisfy CA requirement for license reinstatement?
I have a CA DL (my home state) but received a DUI conviction in NJ- 7 mo driving suspension. Because of this, my CA DL was suspended. I am currently living in NJ temporarily for work and will have to take a NJ DUI course in order to drive in NJ once my suspension is up, but I am planning on moving back to CA next summer. Will completion of the NJ DUI course satisfy requirements for reinstatement/ application for restricted DL in CA?
Good question. You'll need at least an SR-22. Beyond that, you'll need to contact the DMV's Mandatory Action Unit in...
There's a warrant for my arrest in California. I have since left the country. Can I fly into the US and take care of things?
Greetings! Here's my situation about which I'd like to receive some advice, please: While on an H1B work visa, as a foreigner I was booked with a DUI in 2009 in South Lake Tahoe, CA. I dealt with the DUI itself, but failed to report to Lake Tahoe PD for the 24-hours of communal work after the DUI. Unbeknownst to me, Lake Tahoe PD had issued a warrant for my arrest back in 2009. I have since moved back to Europe in 2011 and would like to go back to visit (and take care of the warrant). Would I get arrested at the airport if I fly into California (San Francisco) directly from Europe? What if my flight has a stopover somewhere on the East Coast or Midwest? My flight into San Francisco and California (where the warrant is) will not be an international one then. Best course of action? Thanks!!
Retain an attorney to appear in court and clear the warrant BEFORE you attempt to re-enter the country. Otherwise, you...
EAD processing + DUI misdemeanor
Hello, I am holding an l2b visa and planning to visit San Francisco for about 4 weeks, apply for EAD (paper copy application via post and NOT online) and return to home country, resign from my current job, serve notice and return back to SF, by when, hopefully i should have touched the 90 days mark to attain an EAD - caveat I have a DUI misdemeanor. Questions: 1) Based on several blogs, it appears that paper application to get an EAD, doesnt always call for fingerprinting. Is that right please- especially with a DUI rider 2) If the above is right, can I shorten my travel from 4 weeks to say 2 weeks, without risking missing a biometrics appointment. 3) What if I miss my biometric appointment.
Most likely you will be given a notice for your biometrics but a DUI alone should not affect you negatively. Biometric...
If I have a mechanic remove the iid from my car without installation companies permission?
I have 2 dui convictions. They're over 5 years old. So 3 months back I got a restricted license. I'm only able to drive to work and home (even when I'm driving to target at 8pm I'm heading to work, that's my story, prove I'm not) so I wanted to get a license so I could drive anytime legally. I spoke with a lady at Mau. She said to get a IID installed and they would issue me a license where I can drive anytime. So I got it installed. Sent the certificate to the Mau. Got a call from them. I'm not eligible for that type of license until I attend the dui class for 1 year. So I call the iid place to get it uninstalled. They said $280 for early termination? Really I don't even use the iid. My remote start works. If I pay a craigslist mechanic to take it out will I get in trouble?
Without reviewing your paperwork or speaking with the IID provider (both of which should be done before you have a...
Does the officer have to cite you for the probable cause?
Got a DUI. Officer mentioned one turn into the lane to the left of me. My citation was only for the DUI. Does the officer have to cite me for the traffic infraction, too?
No. The officer does not need to cite you for the infraction as well. The alleged observed infraction simply forms...
I had installed a Interlock Device on my car to drive. They charge $25 fine incase i miss the appointment in california.
I am ok to pay for the fine if i miss the appointment. However, they called me on a automated phone call system to set up an appointment with me and i did pick up but as i had to go somewhere, i hung up on the phone call. The automated phone call lasted only 14 Second in THEIR SYSTEM. In 14 second, they can't possibly set up an appointment. Although i didn't set up an appointment with them, they are imposing me for the $25 late fee. I have email saying that they are charging me for this alleged missed appointment even though they really didn't set up any. I bet this interlock device company is heavily regulated by State of California. They cheat and pray on those people whose lives are already devastated due to heavy fines, penalties, etc. Would anyone file class action this company?
You are not likely to get any attorney to file a class action for you for a$25 late fee, no matter what you call it....