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Should I alert the court of my recent DUI?
I am currently on probation for conviction of misdemeanor conspiracy to commit assault in San Francisco. My probation could be up in a year due to no further trouble with the law. However, I was arrested for a DUI in Alameda County. I was wondering if I should alert the San Francisco courts of my arrest in January or if I should wait until they find out?
Um, NO! It's not up to YOU to report yourself to the court. Give Attorney Michael Marowitz a call. He's in Marin....
Will my daughter go to jail for getting a dui while on probation for misdemeanor assault?
My daughter was given three years' unsupervised probation in San Francisco CA for a misdemeanor conspiracy to commit assault, with the ability to petition for early termination and expungement if probation is adhered to for one year. She is complying with all the requirements - treatment by a therapist, paid her fines. But she has since been arrested and convicted of a first-time DUI in another CA county. Is she obliged to report that to the San Francisco courts? If they find out without her telling them, would they issue a warrant? Would a DUI likely result in revocation of the probation and possible jail time? Thank you.
She is not obligated to report this on herself. When she reports to court for the DUI, the prosecutor there will most...
How do i know if i have a warrant for being drunk at a bar in san francisco?
I hope someone can help because im not a US citizen only a visitor. Here's my story i went to a bar and got drunk like a lot i even think someone put something in my drink because i immediatly blacked out and woke up th the hospital i just got my bill there, but i was told that someone called the police and then was taken to the hospital. My question is if i have a warrant or fine for this, if i do how do i know it? please someone help me :(
A warrant is unlikely. Were you issued a citation or any other notice to appear in court?
Can you be convicted of a DUI with only marijuana???
Can you be convicted of a DUI with only marijuana???
Yes. In fact recently they added a new crime, DUID which is driving under the influence drugs.
Field sobriety breath test bac reading not admissible in court?
What happens when inadmissible information such as a field sobriety breath test actual BAC reading (not just positive or negative reading) is mentioned or brought up in a trial. Can that be considered a mistrial? or it is just a simple objection call for the judge to overrule or sustain?
Depends on what the defense attorney does about it and how the judge rules.
DUI - Unclear on car insurance/suspended license.
I recently got a DUI and my license was suspended last month. I just saw that my current car insurance provider has raised my rates substantially (thousands more). I have 1 month to find another provider until my policy runs out. I got my restricted license this month which will last 5 months. I called Breathe Easy during the 30 day period that my license was suspended by the court and got an SR22 filed, keeping my current insurance policy in hopes that my rates would stay the same. To be honest the restricted license is useless to me. I live and work in a city with public transportation, and I can get around easily without a car. Am I able to wait out the next 5 months before getting a new car insurance plan? Or do i have to be insured to prevent my license from being suspended? The letter I received said I need to have proof of financial responsibility filed for 3 years, which I assume is just the Sr22. It doesn't make sense for me to have insurance during a period that I will not be driving. Also, if my license were to get suspended again due to my car insurance running out, does that reset the start date for my 3 year requirement of an Sr22 to be filed? Thank you.
Apples and oranges. You have to have an SR 22 for 3 years. I assume you know what that document is and does. It is a...
My question is the in the 2009 DUI there are alleging the 2016 conviction as a prior, that makes no sense. How can they do that
Got stopped for DUI in 2009 , case was filed in court , I never got not notice of court date. Warrant went out, I never knew about it. I just plead in 2016 to a new DUI. Now they want to prosecute the old 2009.
They'll have a hard time prosecuting a case from 2009. You need a lawyer though to litigate a speedy-trial or "Serna"...