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Is DUI with gbi and felony evanding part of prop 57
I just got convicted of DUI with allegationof gbi and on count 2 felony evanding
The short answer is no. You should speak to your attorney and go over again ALL the consequences of your plea. The GBI...
After receiving a dismissal from court for DUI for insufficient evidence how does this affect DMV hearing? See situation.
DMV hearing was not closed after two DMV hearings, CHP officer did not appear after being subpoenaed 2 times. now criminal court dismissed the case. DMV said we need another hearing. Still on temporary license.
It is tough to say without knowing more information. As you may well know, the issues for a DMV hearing are not the...
What will happen with my California Driver's License after getting a DUI in Georgia?
I am a California resident with a California driver's license and was arrested for a DUI in Georgia where I am currently working. I have obtained an attorney in Georgia to handle my case. He filed a request for hearing with the DDS (DMV) in Georgia even though I did not receive a temporary license from the arresting officer or a notice of suspension. Do I need to do anything in California immediately? Has my arrest been reported to California? From my research, Georgia is not in the Driver's License Compact, and California is not in the Non-Resident Violator Compact. Will California still suspend my license? If it is suspended, what will be required from California to reinstate my license? Will California honor my driving classes or other punishments in Georgia. If convicted in Georgia, I will definitely be clearing the suspension as soon as I can. Thank you for the advice.
Perhaps nothing will happen. You appear to have answered your own question. If something happens, ask the DMV what...
How do I fill out a CR-180 for a Dui misdemeanor from 2010
how do I fill out a CR-180 for a Dui misdemeanor from 2010. I need a clean record before applying to nursing school.
You retain an attorney who has experience in doing so to make sure it is done correctly. Having your conviction...
Got My 1st DUI with a License will this effect my F-1 status??
I was arrested for DUI with my BAC 0.09 in the field and later at first chance, it turned out to be 0.07. I don't have a licence of California I have one back from India. I have a court date and i am really scared what next should I do.
You should immediately consult with both a good, local criminal defense attorney, and an Immigration lawyer. If you...
I've been asked by a professional licensing board to send an explanation of a recent DUI conviction?
Key details : the police officer involved falsely reported the details of the arrest and misquoted me numerous times. Example: he said that I threatened his life, but actually i was pleading for mine. He omitted the fact that he pushed me and staged a scene where he told me to arch my back and raise my arm as he had another officer take a photo (essentially they staged a scene, using me as a prop in order to fabricate evidence). He also falsely reported that I refused a chemical test. I agreed to take a breathalyzer and urine test , but not a blood test because i have stents and taking anti-coagulants. the board employee verbally asked me for an explanation over the phone, but they have not sent a letter. 1. what is the format of the explanation? 2. what should I include? 3. Should I tell the truth and explain that there are errors, omissions, and false statement in the police report? Thanks
I have moved this question to a different area because although I believe you need a criminal defense attorney your...
Can I apply for citizenship while I have DUI?
Hello, I am living in the USA for 9 years. I got a DUI in August 2013 but I didn't get convicted till the end of the year 2013. I am planning to apply for citizenship, I am very concern if this DUI is going to be a problem on my application? Do i need to wait for certain months before make my application? thanks in advance
Generally, we see people need to wait 5 years from the date of the conviction following a DUI to apply for citizenship.