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I've been trying to get my license back but my insurance is too high because of the DUI on my driving record. Thankfully, I was a minor when it happned and I have completed all probation/tasks so I can get my record sealed. When I get it sealed will it also be off my driving record so that my insurance isn't as high? Thanks
Should be. That's what "sealed" means. Law enforcement should still be able to find it, however.
My temporary driver's license I received after DUI charge expires on April 6th, but my court date is this week. I understand that after a DUI conviction in court, they will contact the DMV and the suspension will start. My question is, can I drive to/from the court appearance with the temporary license? How long after the court conviction will the suspension start?
You can drive to and from court this week on the temporary license. If you are convicted of DUI, which is...
Could I reduce jail time/house arrest to a larger fine? There was video of the incident and the arresting officer actually didn't want to arrest me and tried to allow me pay for the stolen property and let me go but the "victim" was insistent on pressing charges.
Maybe. It depends on you hiring a quality attorney to represent you on both matters. A good attorney may be able to get...
Hello dear AVVO lawyers. I have been fortunate or unfortunate enough to get a second DUI for a drug related issue (Non alcoholic). The Court ruled for a 3 month DUI Class program. however when i called DMV they told me that i need to do an 18 month DUI class program, and also install a "breath alcohol ignition interlock device" into my car. even though i got the DUI for a non alcoholic related issue. Why is there a discrepancy between what the DMV tries to impose on me and the court ruling? how do I go about doing only what the ruled, and not what the DMV is trying to impose on me out of the blue? I have checked my court documentation, and it specifically states that other than the fine i only need to do a 3 month program to get my license and life back. I appreciate all and any advise
The DMV controls the issuance of a license after a DUI. It is hard to believe that the court would order only a 3 month...
Approved for out of county transfer. Didn't finish the hours in time and a modification was submitted and approved, for 40 HOURS. My attorney re-submitted another Modification to the court for correction. I've been waiting 2 months just to get 18 days signed up with the Work Alternative. They want the corrected modification. QUESTION: I need to leave to WA state. Is it possible to transfer hours up there? I feel like I am going to wait an eternity for an answer from the court.
The only way you can get this community service transferred to WA is to get matter put on calendar and request this...
I've had friends mention character letters and neuro-psychiatric evaluations. Can anyone elaborate on these two and offer any other helpful measures for getting the sentence lowered? I've been in rehab and I do have cognitive/psychological conditions (that can be argued to have influenced the car accident in context). How do I go about requesting a neuro-psych evaluation?
The first question I have is: What are the "enhancements?" High BAC? Child in the car? Accident causing injury?...
I took it to trial and won all charges dismissed, I went to DMV to get my lic reinstated and they refused. They said they dont have to reinstate them . Is this true? I didnt request a DMV hearing within 10days of the incident cuz i didnt know about it nor did the police give me the paper that says it upon release from jail, which i didnt k.ow about then,but since learned about. How can i get my lic back or is it suspended for the year? Even though i beat the case? Ty
Just to be clear, took it to jury trial and found "not guilty", or "hung jury"? Or, did you plead to a "lesser"...