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Will a DUI from 4 years ago show up on a Live Scan?
I start a new job as a Montessori teacher next Monday, but need to get fingerprinted tomorrow. I'm just really worried that the DUI I earned years ago will be on my record. I'm not sure what the school is specifically looking for or if they only request certain information : S I know I could get it expunged, but not in the next 24 hours! Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately, your dui will almost certainly show up. You would be best served to contact an attorney in your area...
Could I be found inadmissible ( I'm on work visa ) for a single DUI and charge of public intoxication
Hi there , I got convicted two year ago of wet reckless in CA, which was a DUI but I pleaed for wet reckless charge . Last week I got charged with in public intoxication. ( without going in details there was an argument after a bar and the cops arrested me for being drunk in public) . I hired a criminal defense lawyer. I will be leaving the country soon for a work trip , I'm worried that I would be found inadmissible when I come back at POE or the CBP officers give me hard time ? They took in secondary in the past (before the last week incident ) and asked me about the DUI conviction and they let me in . I'm worried that the public toxication charge would trigger health related inadmissiblity concerns
Yes is the answer. A wet reckless can be worse than a simple DUI for immigration issues (ironically some may say)....
If I got charged with a DUI in PR and try to apply for a nursing license in California will it show up on the Rap Sheet?
I did a good conduct check and the DUI still remains on my record. I will have 6 months since the sentence date on the 28th of August of 2017. I have already filed a motion to the court to get it removed from my record and now I am just waiting for the 28th to come to do an affidavit. ( which I'm not entirely sure what an affidavit is and what its suppose to say) if that is approved and removed will that show up on my background checks here in California?
I trust PR stands for Puerto Rico. The answer to your question will depend upon what laws apply in Puerto Rico as to...
Obtaining California Driver License after Pennsylvania DUI but restored PA DL?
Hello. I am a former resident of California and pled to 2 DUI's (valid CA DL and CA incident/pleas in 2004 and 2005, CA DL fully restored both times) and moved to Pennsylvania where I pled to a 3rd DUI (valid PA DL with PA incident in 2013 but plea in 2015). All three were simple DUI's with no injury to property/person but were deemed to have occurred within 10 years of each other, thereby leading to my classification as a 3 time offender. My PA drivers license was fully restored in November 2016 after an 18 month suspension. I am now in a situation where I am planning a move back to CA within the next month. My question is around my attempting to receive a CA DL after the move. Under CA laws/regulations will I be able to seamlessly receive a CA DL as my PA DL is currently valid? Or would this not be that simple? I thank you for your time and advice.
it may not be that simple. cal may require you to do an 18 month multiple offender program. contact an attorney near...
CA DUI Lawyer - Was I unfairly represented?
I got a 2nd DUI and hired an attorney to represent me. I told him this was my 2nd DUI in 10 years. At some point he forgot about my 1st DUI. The court and DMV cases just closed last month with me being guilty, as a first offender. My attorney was telling me that I would be eligible for a restricted license after a 30 day suspension. When I went down to the DMV to get my restricted license I learned that because this is the second administrative action in 10 years I will not be eligible for any type of license for 1 year. Doing research it seems like it is possible if not relatively simple to request during the DMV hearing that a 2nd offender is able to obtain a restricted license after 90 days. Because my attorney forgot I was a second offender, he never made any type of request of this nature. Since my case is closed, he is telling me to talk to his lawyer friend who will charge me $8,500 to "sue" the DMV for the opportunity to get a restricted license after 90 days. Is it fair that "suing" the DMV is treated separately and that I am charged an additional cost? It seems like it was his mistake for forgetting about my 1st DUI.
Your representation here is somewhat confusing and not entirely complete. You say you were convicted of a first offense...
How long a dui affect your driving record?
I was stop in check point in san Francisco Ca. in May 27 of 2013. got a dui.
In California, a DUI stays on your record for 10 years. That means that if you get a second DUI within the next 10...
Do I have to take dui class
I have charged for DUI in California and went to court. I have proved that my BAC was under 0.8 in the court.Breath analyzier was mulfuctioned and it was proven that it was wrong.There was juiry in the court. The juiry did not believe in the police office who arrested me.Yhey offered us to accept wrecless driving but ı didnt accept it. Basicly I was under 0.8 and still got a DUI in California.That was back in 2008.I still didnt attend a DUI class. What can I do ? I am Ca resident and obtained my DL from CA and no time for DUI class. Should I move out another state and take online class,get DL back and move back to CA ?
This makes no sense whatsoever. Juries determine whether a person is guilty, but they don't make offers. You should...