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DUI and Driving without Valid License, plus an accident with property damage... What are the consequences
Hi I have been arrested for DUI and driving without Valid License. I was drunk and my BAC levels will be higher than .20. I had an accident. It didnot resulted in anyone's injury but the hotel owner's car along with the flag post and tennis court was damaged. Even my friends car was damaged. This is my first offense in WI Please let me know what can be the consequences. Can I go to jail for this.
If this is your first OWI offense, then you are not facing any jail time unless any of the following exist: - There...
Brown County WI and DUI Charge
My ex husband was picked up on 4/30 for DUI in Brown County, WI. He still hasn't been charged/nothing on CCAP. Any idea on how far behind Brown County is on filing/posting charges? I know they have been behind, but was surprised it is taking this long.
Is it possible that law enforcement sent a blood sample for testing and that it came back negative? This does seem...
What should I do if I admitted I had a small amount to drink but then blew 0.00 and yet still got a underage citation?
I was at UWGB visiting friends and the cops came into the dorm room but wouldn't tell us their reason. We weren't being loud or playing music and there were only 7 of us and 2 were sleeping. They breathalized everyone and gave the students there warnings but because I wasn't a student and admitted to drinking, I still got a citation even though I blew 0.00. Do I plead not guilty at my court date? What is the best option?
The fact that you blew a .000 doesn't necessarily save your case. In Wisconsin individuals under 21 are prohibited...
Is my own backyard grounds for an o.w.i.? ,while riding my old Collector truck. Not once on any public roadways.
Arresting officer stated that he seen me in my frt ditch. , is it not my land if I mow & maintain it?, I Live on a side road & not a country Hwy. (Does any of this matter?) They also wrote me up as a 3rd offense, yet it's been almost a decade since my last.
It is difficult to discern, based on what you have written, to determine exactly where you were driving. In an event,...
What is the punishment if found guilty of misdemaenor class a?
We live in Wisconsin Winnebago county, this is my husband's first crime, all he has in his record is a speeding ticket ( clean criminal record) He got arrested and charger with felony class i, the judge lowered the charge to a.misdemeanor class a and got out under signature bond. In the first hearing court he plead not guilty and now he has another court, there are factors that can make the charge a felony. Is he facing jail time if found guilty of misdemeanor class a or felony class i? And how much jail.time is usually given in Winnwbago County for each charge? Can he also pay bond after he is given a guilty veredict?
A misdemeanor is a crime punishable by jail. A Class A misdemeanor carries up to 9 months in jail and a up to a $10,000...
It has been 7 months since they took my blood. my blood acohol was .01. i got those results right away. never recvd results meds
I hit a nparked car while tuning my radio. I was in alot of pain and probably shock. I blew a.01 and got those results rite away. I stupidly...but honestly told them I had just taken my med. this was 9:30pm. they took my blood at 12:30am. I have not received results from this blood work. it has been seven months. Does this mean they are lost or what. It is nerve racking! Am I in the clear?
It is frustrating, but the drug panel tests take a long time to be completed. You can probably expect it to take six...
My nephew age 19, got an underage drinking ticket - he was not driving nor was he in a vehicle at the time.
if he pleads no contest to the ticket will he lose his drivers license? Will this affect his CDL? This is his first offense, He blew a .01 this occurred in Appleton, WI. The cop did NOT see him drinking but two of his buddies were seen drinking in the parking lot of a strip club and they ran back inside of the club -the cops entered the club and all 7 boys were told to go outside by the Bouncer..once outside the two boys who were seen drinking blew into a pbt and registered..then the cops told the other boys they had to blow into the pbt. When his friend who got caught drinking in the parking lot said to the cop" hey they technically don't have to take that test sine you didn't see them drinking" , got arrested for obstruction -handcuffed and placed in squad car. Was this legal?
You need to be careful not to discuss too many facts about the case on this forum. Call some attorneys in your area to...