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I need help with a Dui case from April 2000, Does your company handle such cases?
I am a U.S Navy veteran that had serious problems with alcohol. I have completed a 4 month program with the Veterans Administration, my problem is I have a 16 year old dui case that needs to be resolved in Ct. Please keep in mind I am not in Ct, and don't have a substantial amount of money.
Well I'm pleased that you're in treatment and I sincerely hope you maintain your sobriety. Why is it still pending 16...
What are the chances I can get 2 non violent burglaries expunged. Only other time ive been in trouble was a DUI about 3 years ag
Trying to find the likelihood I can get my record expunged of 2 different non violent burglaries that occurred over 5 years ago.
You'll have to apply for a Pardon. If your DUI was a conviction yould have to include it as well in your Pardon application.
Can the prosecutor add a charge of evading responsibility to my dui if I was only issued a summons for the dui?
I was charged with a dui after leaving the scene of an accident. The police report stated that I evaded responsibility but I was only charged with the dui. Can/Will the prosecutor add that charge at my arraignment? Nobody was injured but there was another vehicle involved.
Yes. The State can file additional charges. As for the probability, only the prosecutor can answer that. DUI's are...
Does a DWI Nolle mean I can say it never happened?
arrested for a DWI when I was 20. It was nolled and haven't had any issue in 4 years Local pd records have nothing and as does the local courthouse. Nothing on the internet either. Can I say it never happened for a comprehensive background check?
Have you checked your DMV record if the arrest took place in past 10 years? If it was within past 10 years I suggest...
DUI assessment for drunk driving classes in CT?
I was arrested in NY for DUI and convicted. I live in CT. The NY judge has allowed for me to take the DDP classes in CT but I have to go for an assessment/evaluation to even get in the classes. Will I have to take a drug test during this evaluation/assessment?
That depends on the police report. Were you arrested for alcohol or drugs. If it was alcohol they will give you a...
If i got arrested for dui and now am only able to drive my car with an IID installed... can i still drive my moped?
please... and thank you for your time
No you cannot. You cannot operate any motorized vehicle. If you do and get caught you'll go to jail for at least 30...
What are the consequences of being arrested for fifth degree larceny, while on probation for first offense d.u.i. conviction?
In connecticut. The offender has been accepted for Adult Alcohol Education program, but the classes have not yet started. He has also been given thirty five hours of community service to complete by August 4, 2015. His court date for the shoplifting charges is on Wed., July 15, 2015. He cannot afford an attorney. Can you give him an idea of what to expect? Thank you for your time.
It will have no effect at all if he is is doing the Alcohol Education Program. He's not on probation and AEP is not a...