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  • Man Charged with Strangulation, Assault in Naugatuck...

    Thursday Nov 19 | via 

    Kenneth Johnson, 43, of 11 Carriage Dr. in Seymour was arrested on Nov. 17 after officers responded to Crofut Road in Naugatuck for an alleged assault at 8:44 a.m., Naugatuck police said. Johnson allegedly entered the victim's house and got into a fight with him, which led to the accused placing his hands around the victim's neck, said Naugatuck police.


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  • Police search for suspect in Subway robbery

    Thursday Nov 5 | via WTNH 

    At roughly 6:30 p.m., employees at the Subway located at 850 Derby Avenue in Seymour contacted police via 9-1-1. According to their reports, the suspect entered the restaurant and, approaching employees, threatened them.


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  • Shelton Police Arrest Log Sept.28-Oct. 18

    Oct 19, 2015 | via 

    Vincent J Scinto, 53, of Phillip Drive was charged with disorderly conduct on Oct. 17. He was given a $500 bond and a court date of Oct. 19. Jeffrey Carmon, 30, of Derby was charged with third-degree robbery, two counts of second-degree failure to appear, failure to respond to an infraction and sixth-degree larceny on Oct. 16. He was given a combined $23,092 bond and a court date of Oct. 19. Noralee Ballaro, 56, of Seymour was charged with criminal violation of a protective order, illegal use of a credit card, sixth-degree larceny and criminal violation of a restraining order on Oct. 15. She was given a combined $11,000 bond and a court date of Oct. 16. Michael Russo, 21, of Shelton was charged with third-degree burglary and first-degree criminal mischief on Oct. 15. He was given a $1,000 bond and a court date of Oct. 15. Christopher Edward Guild, 48, of Ansonia was charged with driving ... (more)


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Seymour Law

DUI assessment for drunk driving classes in CT?
I was arrested in NY for DUI and convicted. I live in CT. The NY judge has allowed for me to take the DDP classes in CT but I have to go for an assessment/evaluation to even get in the classes. Will I have to take a drug test during this evaluation/assessment?
That depends on the police report. Were you arrested for alcohol or drugs. If it was alcohol they will give you a...
OUI in Maine in 1998- paying for it in 2015!
Husband was arrested in Maine for OUI in 1998. We went to court, paid a fine. Now- husband is prevented from renewing his CT license until he goes to an alcohol education program and pays $300. He had renewed his license twice since and this never showed up. This whole thing sounds wrong to me. Any insights??
Sometimes things fall through the cracks when state DMVs share information about DUI convictions. It would appear that...
Does a DWI Nolle mean I can say it never happened?
arrested for a DWI when I was 20. It was nolled and haven't had any issue in 4 years Local pd records have nothing and as does the local courthouse. Nothing on the internet either. Can I say it never happened for a comprehensive background check?
Have you checked your DMV record if the arrest took place in past 10 years? If it was within past 10 years I suggest...
If i got arrested for dui and now am only able to drive my car with an IID installed... can i still drive my moped?
please... and thank you for your time
No you cannot. You cannot operate any motorized vehicle. If you do and get caught you'll go to jail for at least 30...
Can I get out of a dui charge if BAC after breathalizer test was 0%? Also got infraction for possession of marijuana and pipe
19 years old male. Connecticut. Originally got pulled over for not getting my emissions done.I was driving fine. But got pulled into station for apparent dui, I told officer I had smoked 4 hours before incedent.
Probably not. It's not just DWI of Alcohol but of any substance which causes impairement of your ability to operate the...
What are the consequences of being arrested for fifth degree larceny, while on probation for first offense d.u.i. conviction?
In connecticut. The offender has been accepted for Adult Alcohol Education program, but the classes have not yet started. He has also been given thirty five hours of community service to complete by August 4, 2015. His court date for the shoplifting charges is on Wed., July 15, 2015. He cannot afford an attorney. Can you give him an idea of what to expect? Thank you for your time.
It will have no effect at all if he is is doing the Alcohol Education Program. He's not on probation and AEP is not a...
Can my New York license be suspended from getting a DUI in Connecticut ?
I was pulled over for speeding and arrested early Sunday morning .After blowing a .22 I was charged with a DUI.
The answer is yes. DMV Conn will notify NY