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  • Human Remains, Plane Seat Found in EgyptAir Flight S...

    Friday May 20 | via KNEB-AM Scottsbluff 

    53 ye... -- The water levels in Lake Mead, the man-made reservoir that serves about 20 million residents in Nevada, Arizona and California, is at an all-time low, accordin... -- Human remains, an airplane seat and luggage were found about 5 miles south of where an EgyptAir flight lost contact with radar and went missing over the Mediterrane... The governor was introduced by Alan Tiemann of Seward, Ne who is a director on the Nebraska corn board and current chairman of the US Grains Council. LINCOLN a... Columbia, Mo.


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Wash out law for DUI in Nebraska
I got a DUI a few days ago. I read about a wash out law that a conviction goes away after 15 years. This law according to the website I read says it was put into law in 2012 my last DUI was in 2004. Does this make me exempt from any prior DUI's?
The "lookback" period in Nebraska is currently 15 years. What that means is that convictions for DUI or Refusal that...
How can I get out a a DUI when I wasn't driving
I got a DUI while passed out in my truck. I wasn't driving I was sleeping. The keys were in the ignition and the vehicle running. Can I make a case and try and get out of it?
You need to consult with Nebraska DUI counsel. There is no way we can answer that question without seeing the police...
How do we go about this when he goes to court? How can they truly tell it wasn't him in California and that he's been here?
A friend of mine for pulled over for drunk driving and the national database said he had a prior in 2009 in California. The only problem is he's been here in Nebraska since 2000 so that's not possible at all! They weren't finger printed in California but my husband was finger printed here in Nebraska.
Your friend or husband needs to get a criminal defense attorney. The way people are identified is with their names and...
What will most likely be the outcome and will he have to do jail time since he works full time?
My husband was driving home Saturday night and made it all the way home. Parked his truck and was about to come inside when a sheriff came and made him do sobriety tests. He passed all the tests so the sheriff took him to the hospital to get blood drawn. They arrested him. I posted the $1000 bond. He was charged with DUI 2, open container, and no drivers license. His first DUI is old but not really sure when it was just know it may be way over 8 years ago. They gave him a court date
What does his working full time have to do with anything? Your husband was driving drunk with NO LICENSE. He is...
Can i get credit for the 2 yrs fro time of arrest {2001) until covicted (2003)
i cant really afford interlock on SSI, and ive been without a license for 15years today
This all happened over a decade ago, and you are just now asking this particular question ? You get credit for time...
My question is how long is jail time usually on first time DUI offense if failed probation?
I got a DUI a year go got six months probation due to money issues I wasn't able to complete iop or certain an extra six months....then we moved got a house I had three jobs..lost two and once again money issues....
Depends on the facts of your case, the jurisdiction where your case is out of and what attorney you hire. Call for a...
Is this a legitimate dui defense due to procedural error?
Pulled over for no headlights. Ended up taking field tests, failed apparently. Right before Breathalyzer was administered I burped. He acknowledged that I did said now we are required to wait 15 more minutes because alcohol can come up out of your stomach and give a false reading. I apologized and said it was unintentional. He asked if anything came up. I said I don't know not that I know of but I don't know how that works. He crossed off the time on his report and said let's just go ahead and take it. Blew .157 my question is can this Breathalyzer be thrown out due to not adhering to observation time requirements. If so was there grounds for arrest and can the blood test I received (.14) be used still?
There is certainly a line of attack on the breath test score, but you will need the help of an experienced DUI lawyer....