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Can I obtain a commercial driving license in Kansas 10 years after a felony DUI
I've never had a Commercial Driver's license before.
Not very likely. This answer is based on the fact you state you have a felony DUI. This means you probably had 2 or...
Can I be suspended from work without warning,like completely blindsided and no reason given?
I was suspended out of nowhere. I have no explanation other then I've had an attitude since I started yet I have received numerous raises and this is the first time I have been made aware of supposed attitude
Most people are hired as "at will" employees, meaning the employer can fire you for any reason they choose, including...
How do I proceed in getting a license in California when I completed a DUI diversion program in Kansas.
I recently completed a DUI diversion program in Kansas and am moving to California. Was wondering what I need to do to resolve this and drive again
In Kansas there are two parts to a DUI charge. The criminal proceeding, which it looks like you resolved with a...
I dropped my wallet and it had two baggies with residue from methamphetamine
What will happen to me already drug severity level 4. Poss of marijuana
Best to consult with your Attorney who will review all the facts and evidence and advise of your options.
Do I have any grounds for dismissal of license suspension if arresting officer received recent DUI?
I was arrested for DUI. I was able to get a diversion but my license was suspended and I lost my job because it was suspended. Less than a month after my license hearing, the arresting officer was charged with a DUI while off duty. Do I have any way of getting this overturned?
What difference does one incident have to do with the other incident? You were charged and convicted and a month later...
I have been operating my tractor riding lawn mower for the last 15 years I finally got stopped inside2 ticke and put in tax 128
I do have suspended license All fights have been taken care of But for some odd reason I was suspended for another two years if I
Your question does not make any sense. Perhaps there was a problem sending it. Please re-post the full question.
Will I go to jail at my first appointed court date for my second dui with a "not guilty status"?
I was not in the vehicle at the time of the arrest but the officer said they got a call and camera footage that I had been driving the car. When I walked up to the officers who were looking for me because of the phone call they explained to me that they wanted to give me a field sobriety test because they thought I was intoxicated. I was not in the car anymore when this happened and was actually far away enough that you couldn't even see the car. I failed the test with a .17 bac. They arrested me for grounds of a dui claiming that even though I wasn't in the car since they had footage of me in the car and I was intoxicated they would take me to jail. When I got to jail I was booked and printed and then told I could post bail for $1000 which I happened to have on me. The court date was scheduled two weeks after this occurance. This is my second dui, my first one was completed with diversion and erased from my record I was 18 and now 25 both of these happened in Kansas. I am currently waiting for my court appearance. I also want to know how much jail time I'll be spending in general.
To answer your question as to whether you would go to jail, under this scenario, on the next court appearance, if you...