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Do ineed the interlock device?
If I blow a 2.0 is it mandatory by law to have the interlock device? Are there any exceptions?
If you blew a .20, your attorney mist convince the judge to take no action which means that there was a problem with...
How do I get my driver license in MD w/o the interlock device, since I have a non-restricted license from another state?
I had several dui's in MD and MVA put a J restriction on my license (interlock system) I never got my MD license. I had moved to TX where I acquired a driver license with no restriction. Now, I have moved back to MD several years later. Will they still ask me to get the device installed?
Maryland may very well require an interlock device. Unfortunately, the only way to know is to ask the MVA. A lawyer can...
From Maryland but got 6308 citation in PA. I wasnt drinking but everyone was under 21. license suspended in MD? Ways around it?
I was with a group of 7 and im twenty. we were camping and had a thirty pack of beer to last us two nights. my main question is will the license suspention carry over to my maryland license? and is it worth trying to get the charge changed to disorderly conduct if i can just get it over with and pay my fines and charges and follow the license suspention and get it expunged when im twenty one?
It would be in your best interest to seek the help of an attorney in PA. The license suspension is not a good thing and...
How long between incidents does there need to be for a DUI to be considered a first offense?
My husband was pulled over for a DUI in March 2016. His trial was just this week (8/23/16). He was sentenced with a DWI, 1 yr. probation, and 1 weekend in jail. He was pulled over back in 2009 and was given a PBJ. If the lookback period for Maryland is 5 years, why was this stop considered to be a 2nd offense? He has had a clean record for 7 years.
There is no specific "look back" period. Any prior conviction or PBJ may be considered by the sentencing judge. There...
What to do if you didn't file for an mva hearing in time before license was suspended for a DUI?
My girlfriend got arrested for a DUI. She went to her court date in July and got it continued so she can use the public defenders office. She was issued a temp license. but didn't know she had to request an mva hearing. She got pulled over today and got a ticket for driving on a suspended. What can she do to get an extension of her temp license or a restricted license that allows her to at least drive to work?
If 30 days have expired and it sounds like it has, then it is too late to file for a hearing or elect the ignition...
My wife drove drunk, I have it on video her pulling in and then her walking in and I ask her about it. Can I use this in court?
Going through a divorce and want to use this as evidence.
if she did not consent to the audio (her voice being recorded) then you would not be able to use the audio, but could...
I had a DUI that resulted in a PBJ in Maryland. It has been 3 years since the end on my probation. Get i get it expunged?
I had a DUI that resulted in a probation before judgment in Maryland. It has been 3 years since the end on my probation. Can I get it expunged, at least in the records potential employers would have access too?
Unfortunately, no. That offense is one that the General Assembly does not allow to be expunged.