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  • Pro-Gun Lawmaker Stalled Pro-Knife Bill in NY Senate

    Thursday Jun 18 | via NBC New York 

    A bill that would decriminalize the possession of some pocket knives has been stalled in the New York Senate for more than two years, and the main roadblock has been an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, the I-Team has learned. In 2013, Sen. Michael Nozzolio, a Republican who represents Seneca Falls and chairs the Codes Committee, voted against New York's SAFE Act gun control legislation, which was passed in the middle of the night that January in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


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How do I get the interlock system wavied from my licence?
I was never on probation and I got a DWI. Ive paid all my fines. And probabtion office tells me that the judge has to okay it to have the interlock removed. I just need to know who I have to call to get this done. I was just aprovved yesterday to reapply for my license
You are sentenced to either a 6 or 12 month interlock. It's in the court record pull the court file.
Convicted of 2dwi's in 1992,got my license back in 95,court sent one charge to Albany in 92 and one in2014 revoked my license
Do I have any recourse
I believe you should consult an experienced local traffic ticket and/or DWI attorney who after reviewing your letter of...
I got a speeding ticket and a dwi in Waterloo NY. I applied for a public defender and got denied what do I do?
I got denied because I make $100 too much per month. I take home $312 a week and live independent by myself. I cannot afford an attorney.
Speak to family and hire someone! Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq. Immediate Past President, Criminal Courts Bar...
My boyfriend is on parole and violated with a dwi and violated curfew
What are the possibilities? Its his first dwi and he is being held in jail...he only has a year left on parole ...could he possibly get a impatient program or does he have to do time? Is there anything I can do to help him
The first thing he has to do is have an experienced DWI lawyer handling that case. The outcome of the DWI will...
Will the state of florida extradite from new york on probation violation warrants, one for a minor felony, and one for a dui.
warrants were issued 9/1/09, i had to leave florida due to a domestic violence situation. I was unable to leave the home, had no key, was not allowed to have money. I have a 20 month old son and we have been in hiding for a year now. Should I get an attorney to get probation moved here, I do not want to be taken from my son, and have no issues transferring probation to this state and completeing it. I want this behind me and am desperate for any information that could help me in this situation
You should seek out representation to work out the situation. If not, there will be outstanding warrants which could...
I have 2 felonies in NYS [DWI, Aggravated unlicensed operation] dated back to 1986. Can I become a correction officer ?
My convictions are 23 yrs old .I have been a model citizen since. Why won't the state let me be a correctional officer at the local Sheriffs Dept.
You should obtain a Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities. This form can help you obtain a government position...
Conditional license from DMV?
I was recently convicted of DWAI in New York. I also attended a hearing at the DMV because I refused to take the breathalyzer when I was arrested. After the hearing, the DMV took my license away for a year based on my refusal. Can I get a conditional license? The woman judge hearing the case was really mean.
You can apply for the conditional license in light of the plea.