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Can my dui charges dropped if my alcohol level was .066/.062?
I was pulled over because my license was suspended due to failure to not finishing traffic school for speeding ticket. My bic was .066 and it says pending urinalysis. I had .6 gram of pot and paraphanilla as well. Also I had my Xanax in a wrong bottle which I was prescribed my psychitrist . I can prove that they are mine. This is my first offense and I want to know what I need to do.. I have traffic court on this Friday...
You answered your own question. If there is more than alcohol found in your urine analysis, then they may still have a...
"Dismissed by Diversion"???
I've had an on going DUI case in Overland Park, Kansas and recently I searched the status of the case. I came across the ROA summary and it shows as of 05/22/2013 the charges were "Dismissed by Diversion" and the judge presiding over the case. What exactly does this mean? Are things finally over with?
Did you enter or agree to a pretrial diversion program? You seemingly have an attorney. Ask him if so.
How do I go about getting a DUI urine test results before court date? How do they do a blood test for drugs?
I was arrested on May 10, 2013 for DUI. My blood alcohol level was 0.0000 and they requested a urine sample. Which I agreed without any doubt. They are under the impression that it is due to drugs. I do not do illegal drugs, I only take prescription drugs. These prescriptions are prescirbed to me, and where taken roughly around 2 am. I was arrested after 1:30pm. I have a court date May 28th and would like to know what the results were. I am not sure a blood test was performed. They only pricked my finger.
Urine samples are sent from the arresting law enforcement agency to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for...
I had an accident with property damage. Dui. Should I get a lawyer?
I had a dui with property damage. I blew over a .20. Nobody seems to want to tell me anything. Never been in trouble before and have no clue what to do. Also gave me a ticket for leaving the scene. Not smart but I was just looking for place to pull over.
Yes! you should definitely get a lawyer. contact a lawyer in your area. Consequences for dui can be significant. You...
Can you be arrested for a DUI after the fact?
In a incident where a victim was hit by a car and the driver fled- then 2 other cars hit the already dead victim but the 2 prior cars stop and call 911. Police show up impound both vehicles for evidence and blood test both drivers. then send them home. Can either driver be cited for a DUI once the results come back?
You can be arrested for a crime anytime after the crime happens and before the statute of limitations runs out if there...
Is it possible to get a first DUI offense reduced to a misdemeanor under Florida DUI laws?
How can I get my DUI with serious bodily injury reduced to a misdemeanor? It is my first offense. Will I go to prison? What DUI penalties will I face?
Any DUI case first must be analyzed by a competent DUI experienced attorney. Every element of the DUI statute must be...
DUI serious bodily injury
What am I facing for a DUI with serious bodily injury in the state of Florida? It is my first offense. My passenger will be alright thank god. He did receive broken ribs and had his spleen removed. My blood was drawn through a forced blood draw. I was wondering what my chances are to get this reduced to a misdemeanor. Thanks for the input!
DUI with serious bodily injury is a third degree felony which carries a maximum of 5 years in prison. Under the...