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I am fighting for full custody of my son, i have a dui and a pending case for stchatory rape.. read below
i have a case for stchatory rape pending that was brought upon me by my ex-wife and her family that hate me. the case is all hear-say and i have a lawyer working on it looks like the case will be dropped because its clear they set me up and im innocent they said the most that will happen is it get dropped to a misdeeminer and i have to do some time but will not have to register! even if i get it dropped to a misdeminer what are my chances of getting full to 50-50 custody? my ex-wife is telling me she will make sure i never see my son again and as far as he will know his father is dead! she herself has told me she wishes she never had him, and she wants to just die! my dui was a one time thing and i did attend AA.all i want is my son. how do you think this will hold up in court
There are a lot of issues here that cannot be resolved with a simple answer. You will need a good family law attorney...
Can a year dui affect your chances of getting full custody of your child???
I got a dui last year and my exwife refuses to let me see my son. i am going to fight for full custody of our 1.5 year old son and i know he would much rather be with me. how much will my dui affect my case?
Ues a DUI criminal record may have and affect upon your chances of getting full custody of your child. To what extent...
What does a standard first DUI in Fresno entail? How much would I have to pay in fines? Do I have to do community service?
Install an IID? Work release? 3 or 5 years of probation? Thanks.
What is your meaning of "standard first?" Does the defendant have any prior convictions? Is there any problem legally...
Can I fight my suspended license?
A few months ago I received an underage dui. Today my lawyer told me that the judge decided to drop the charges but my license is still suspended. I would like my license back because the dui cost me my enlistment contract with the air force and as long as my license is suspended the dui is on record keeping me from re enlisting. It also prevents me from getting employment while I'm here. I'm tired of mooching of my mom and not being able to do anything. Is it still possible to fight the suspension even though it's been several months since the dui? I'm in California by the way
DMV is a world of its own.If you had a DMV hearing or it you failed to request one within ten days of your arrest it is...
How to seal or expunge a DUI arrest that pasted the stature of limitation?
I was arrested for a DUI over a year and half ago. I was never charged by the court within a year. I was advised to "lay low" till it expires. The stature of limitation has expired, what are the steps i need to take to ensure it will not come up on a background check. Can anyone please direct me to the self help resources i need. Please advise. Thank you
This is a tough one. The only procedure that I know of to "seal" an arrest record is a Motion for Factual Innocents....
What is the process of sealing a PC 647(F) (Drunk in public)?
I was booked, processed, and released. No charges filed. I understand i can file a petition for factual innocence to get it sealed. I'm sure it happens to a lot of people to be put in the drunk tank. Has any lawyers successfully gotten it sealed with the petition? What steps should be taken? Please advise.
if no charges were filed and you are clear of the statute of limitations you qualify. Yes they can be granted. Contact...
Bench warrant for an IID exemption I was approved for?
I was required to install an IID via notice January 13th after a court ruling. I have no vehicle and submitted on the 30th day (letter to DMV postmarked Feb 13th, I ensured this), and the following month I was denied and asked for a statement that I don't have the vehicle anymore. I submitted this back to them, and was approved March27th. However on my B. Warrant the dmv sent notice to the courts on March 15th that I failed to file for the IID and violated my probation, and now have the B. Warrant issued without bail. What do I do? It is worth noting that I have my approval notice, but cannot find my first denial notice where they requested more information for approval. Will the DMV give me some kind of proof they requested the statement? And if I go to the courts will I be held?
Contact your attorney and go to court with him or her and the IID approval document Our courts are not perfect; they...