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I am fighting for full custody of my son, i have a dui and a pending case for stchatory rape.. read below
i have a case for stchatory rape pending that was brought upon me by my ex-wife and her family that hate me. the case is all hear-say and i have a lawyer working on it looks like the case will be dropped because its clear they set me up and im innocent they said the most that will happen is it get dropped to a misdeeminer and i have to do some time but will not have to register! even if i get it dropped to a misdeminer what are my chances of getting full to 50-50 custody? my ex-wife is telling me she will make sure i never see my son again and as far as he will know his father is dead! she herself has told me she wishes she never had him, and she wants to just die! my dui was a one time thing and i did attend AA.all i want is my son. how do you think this will hold up in court
There are a lot of issues here that cannot be resolved with a simple answer. You will need a good family law attorney...
Can a year dui affect your chances of getting full custody of your child???
I got a dui last year and my exwife refuses to let me see my son. i am going to fight for full custody of our 1.5 year old son and i know he would much rather be with me. how much will my dui affect my case?
Ues a DUI criminal record may have and affect upon your chances of getting full custody of your child. To what extent...
I got a DUI and I finished my classes and paid all my fees. I just haven't finished community service. Should I talk to a judge?
What do I do as far as changing my community service schedule? Work is making me miss. I'm suppose to go to the probation office and re schedule but They said last time I rescheduled I would get in trouble for not finishing. I only have 3 days left. I received a total of 7 days, but work gets in the way.
You'll need to speak to the judge about your attorney or the public defender's office before you go to...
Should I be worried?
I had a back tire blow out on a motorcycle. Pulled over safely and got the bike off of the road. A sheriff pulled up later and asked if I was ok. Said yes and help was on its way. He pulled over and asked if I'd been drinking to which i replied yes but was not driving the bike and a buddy who went for help was driving since I had drank. He placed me in the car and ran license and registration which came back clean. He let me call for a ride and gave me back my license and registration with no ticket or field test. I am worried I may get something in the mail stating to show up for court.
Since the SO did not administer a field test, nor gave you a citation for a court date, you should not worry. If you...
I am getting ready to start my first year of law school in August. Just last week I got a DUI last week. Will I be kicked out?
I had been sleeping in my car for over an hour I was not actually driving at the time of the arrest. I have not been convicted yet but I'm scared to start law school and if I get convicted get kicked out in the middle of the semester and have to pay back the financial aid and be stuck in a lease. HELP
If you're going to law school, you should know that the first rule for anyone accused of a crime is STFU. That means...
I'm currently on informal probation for receiving stolen property and recently I was pulled over for DUI
As stated above I'm currently on informal probation for receiving stolen property, I was to obey all laws and pay for fines that where stated. I have not complied to what I agreed to and have now received a DUI and other charges. I would like to know if this is my first DUI charge and have a prior misdemeanors on my record . What will I be faced with in court
As you noted, one of the basic conditions of probation is to "obey all laws." Minor traffic infractions can't be used...
Can I get my real estate license in California with multiple DUI convictions
I am interested in obtaining my real estate agents license but have 2 prior DUI convictions on my record. One is a misdemeanor DUI from 2006 and the other is a felony DUI from 2012, which I am still currently serving probation for. I completed a 6 month in-patient rehab program and have been sober for 2.5 years. Over the last year I have been involved in some real estate investing and have found that although it is not necessary it could be beneficial for my to get my real estate license. I understand that my crimimal history is going to be problematic but I wanted to know if it was even possible to get a "probationary" license if I were to use the assisstance of a knowledgeable attorney. Thanks in advance for the help.
Check out the link below to the DRE.