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I plead guilty to d.u.i. on july 24,2014. I was order to pay fine and attend alcohol program. IF i fail to go,what can happen?
I have been diagnosed in past with anxiety dis-order. I am struggling in A.A. meeting revealing personal info.
What can happen if you disobey the Judge's Order? 1. Extended probation until you comply. 2. Held in contempt...
Can dui case be overturned if the judge violated procedure?
the trooper didn't show up twice, and the judge dismissed lesser charges setting third court date where i lost. also, it has been over 14 days.
I would recommend you speak to a local attorney who focuses on DUIs in your area. good luck.
Can I be charged with DUI after the fact?
I had a single car accident after drinking a few beers. The cops came and took a report and towed my car. My wife then picked me up from the scene. The officer never asked if I had been drinking or if I was impaired. They did not perform any sobriety tests or make me blow. Is it possible I could be charged with DUI in the future if the officer did suspect I was under the influence?
Yes, you can be charged based upon the officer's perception that you were under the influence.
I was arrested for a dui. but im almost sure i had a concussion. i know i hadnt been drinking for at least 3 hours, alabama
my truck was totalled and my head went through the drivers side window, i am going to the doctor tomorrow. in the holding cell i went to sleep for about an hour and when i woke up i knew something was seriously wrong with me. i asked all the officers to see a doctor and they just laughed. i blew the breathalizzer 3 times as hard as i could, but the officer just said i was doing something wrong (i would assume that means i passed but he was just sure i was drunk) i know for a fact that i smelled like alchohal, because i stink of it after i stop drinking(it just comes out of my pores) i think i have serious brian damage or somekind of injury to my head, i still cant see straight and its been 2 days since my arrest. its amazing to me after a wreck that bad that they can refuse medical assist.
I am unsure what your question it can they refuse you medical assistance in a county jail? Please retain an...
Can I sue Walgreens for selling me beer and then calling the police to say that I was intoxicated?
I purchased a six pack of beer along with a few other items. When I got to my car the police arrived because the cashier called to say that I was intoxicated. I ended up getting a DUI sitting in my car in the parking lot resulting in the end of my career. If Walgreens suspected that I was intoxicated why did they sell me beer which I understand is against their policy?
You could talk to a personal injury attorney, but I am not seeing a great lawsuit here. There is certainly no...
I was arrested but *not* convicted (yet) for a DUI. Is there anywhere I would be able to rent a car?
I'm going on a business trip in a week and a half and I am expected to rent a car when I get there. However, I was arrested a few months back for a DUI. I have not been convicted (yet and hopefully never), but I'm sure this got on my driving record. Is there anywhere that I can rent a car? Do any of the companies not run a DMV report? I don't want to get to the counter and have my application rejected in front of co-workers. My company doesn't know of my situation and I need to keep it that way.
Car rental companies do not generally run DMV reports or investigate driving records. They check for a valid driver's...
FIrst DUI impact on Removal of Conditional Green card
I was Applied Jointly Removal of Conditional Green card, after applied i got First DUI my case is set for Trails , First DUI will impact on my Green card Please Help about my Situation
Please speak to an Alamaba lawyer who is experienced in immigration law. generally first "simple" DUI convictions do...