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I got a dui in 09 and went to dui school and also did my jail time. I have been off and on making payments for all the fees. Fell behind in 2013 went to court and was told it was past the limitations so I didnt have to go to court about non paying. I think I still owe money does that mean that it will affect me getting my license renewed.
That depends. Are you in collections because of the unpaid fines? Have you contacted DMV? I'm sure they could give...
Since both of these offenses happened more than thirty years ago, before the computer age, I was wondering if they would still have made it into the system. Also both of these offenses happened in California. I am making a career change and applying for a teaching credential so that is why I am asking. If they will appear, I will need to go back to the courthouse where these convictions took place and get copies of the judgments, which means a lot of travel and time from work.
Any convictions that you have had will show up in a criminal background check by a public agency. You should make sure...
I am divorced and my ex had our daughter for the day. I went skiing and had two beers. I threw up and felt like I needed to rest. I drove home, got pulled over and blew just over .08. My daughter was at the emergency room at the same time throwing up. We both had a bug or something and I think the recent alcohol to pass up my throat could have raised my b.a.c. Is there a precedence? I am a day care teacher who is hoping there was a glitch! Thanks!
The "mouth alcohol" phenomenon can impact the blood alcohol reading. Especially in your situation, the required 15-...
This is my second DUI offense. I was arrested because I blackout and crash into the neighbors yard. I submitted to a blood test and it came out that my bac level was .08. I was restrained from the officers and was tackled resulting from bruises and cuts.
There may be lots of issues regarding your case that an attorney would have to find out about in the discovery process....
Found guilty in Contra Costa Co, Walnut Creek (now Martinez) on 7/25/2007. Have not been driving since and would like to drive again. All fees and fines paid for and have a current SR-22 on file.
No. That was part of the agreement. You wouldn't like it for the court to come back years later and say "I know we...
Quise aplicar en un trabajo y me dijieron que si limpiaba mi record podria calificar y nesesiti saber lo mas pronto possible y me mandarian a una escuela para estudiar y tener experiensia y eso es lo unico que me sierra las puertas el (DUI)
Please ask in English and maybe Ill be able to answer.
I had my lawyer show up for me on my first appearance and he said no charges were filed. that's when i called the DA and they told me my case was rejected. Im not fully confident in my lawyer therefore Im looking for answers here.I had a 0.06 BAC and got pulled over for going 5 miles over the limit. was in jail for a little over an hour.
If the case was rejected by the Ventura DA you are in good shape. There will be no paperwork to show case was rejected....