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  • 3 die in fiery DUI crash on Tampa expressway

    Aug 11, 2017 | via The Orlando Sentinel 

    Florida authorities say a 29-year-old woman was charged after she lost control of her vehicle and touched off a chain reaction of crashes, leading to the deaths of two adults and one child. Investigators say Perera's car veered into a grass median, causing another vehicle to cross the median and go into oncoming traffic.


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Am I going to have a warrant for my arrest for violation of probation if I failed my drug test for felony probation?
I went in for my monthly meeting to my probation officer, he drug tested me as usual and when he put the test strip in, it came up positive because I saw only one line. He was kind of distracted by someone else talking but he looked at the strip but didn't make a reaction. All he said was "alright your good to go, see you at your next appointment" like he always does. And he threw the test in the trash and had me dump out and flush my sample. It's my first failed drug test on probation and I'm up to date on every thing else. I'm just wondering if I'm going to get a violation or if I'm gonna have a warrant or if I have nothing to worry about. I figured if I was gonna get a violation that he would have said something or arrested me right then.
No way to know for sure. He might let it slide. He could file an affidavit and you could receive a summons to go to...
If I get probation does that necessarily mean I'll be drug tested as a condition?
I have to find a good psychiatrist after birth and I'm well aware I'll most likely be back on my anxiety meds. My case had nothing to do with drugs and I have no record with drugs or drug activity. What do you think?
If you are drug tested and you test positive for a medication you have a prescription for you will not be violated....
HHow to defend myself for dirty urine?
Failed drig test at probation. Passed all others prior. Been on 2 seperate probations. Successfully completed one. And only have 4 mnths. left on second. Now i have a dirty urine
Your best bet is to hire an attorney to defend you. You provided no information upon which we could advise if you have...
Question on how to read a Florida dui citation ?
It has the following phrases : *Yes or no to fatal injury (self explanatory) *Yes or no to serious bodily injury (self explanatory) *Yes or no to injury to another.. Does this mean did you cause a minor injury to another person? If no is answered on all 3 questions does this mean the police documented no injuries? Do they determine injuries by asking all participants in an accident and by asking paramedics?
This is not a slip and fall question. Moving it over to DUi/DWI for better answers.
What type of penalties for first time dui with property damage in Florida and should I get an dui attorney ?
I have never had a dui or any criminal record before. I got into an accident where 2 other cars were damaged. Total of 12000 property damage. I have great insurance that will easily pay for all of the property damage I caused. No one was hurt. I was arrested for a dui. Bac result was. 179. I'm in Florida. What type of penalties am I looking at and should I get a dui lawyer? I know jail time is possible even for regular non damage duis but is it likely?
You should not focus on the penalties, and you should indeed hire an attorney who practices DUI defense.
Would the two years I've been off be factored in when I move to a new state?
I've been off probation for two years and thinking of moving to another state that has maybe a 10 year registration requirement instead of 20 or lifetime
Unless they are dually licensed no Fl lawyer can tell you what another State's law or procedures are. That said if...
Coming from from Florida which is lifetime requirement would that lifetime requirement follow to any state I move to?
I've been off probation for 2 years now and considering moving to another state like say Kansas because I hear an offender only has to register for 10 years before they can petition to be removed (unless it's changed)
Perhaps, check with attorneys in the states that you intend to move to. Florida attorneys are not going to know the law...