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Can I get a passport with a DUI Per Se?
I won't be leaving the country, but I thought it'd save me headaches at the airports with a probationary license by getting a passport.
If you are a citizen, then you will be able to get your passport. However, your DUI conviction may cause you to be...
Convicted in Oregon of DUII. Had a previous conviction 8 years prior. Will be completing ACT program in Montana. Lookback?
I understand that Montana has a 5 year lookback period for DUI which is less than the 10 year lookback in Oregon. Given that I will be completing ACT program here in Montana will this be considered a repeat offense for ACT thus requiring treatment referral? I was convicted of DUI in Oregon 8 years ago and again in Oregon this past year. Thank you in advance for sage words of wisdom regarding completing ACT here in Montana and specifically if I will be treated as a repeat or first time offender in the program.
Contact the local bar association they will get you in touch with some pro bono attorneys. Scotty
Montana DUI Treatment length
I was recently convicted of a second DUII in Oregon (8 years apart) and am about to move to Montana with the courts permission. I will need to complete treatment there. What is the typical duration for Montana DUI treatment?
One of Montana's DUI treatment programs is called Prime for Life. Be sure that you check with Oregon to be sure that it...
Can I fly into mexico with a misdemeanor dui on my record??
I have a dui per se in Montana and am flying to mexico soon, should I expect to incur any trouble with customs?
Mexican or US? If the former, contact the nearest Mexican consular office for the best, most accurate and least...
Drunk driver hit me, do I need a lawyer?
Last night I was struck by a drunk driver. I was sitting at a stop light (it was red) and he hit me from behind with a small Saab coupe. He pushed my truck over a car length into the intersection. Both vehicles are totaled. I find out today, that he is uninsured. He was obviously intoxicated and was taken in on DUI. My passenger has confirmed injuries and was taken to the ER. She can barely move today, is on medication and I am suffering from muscle spasms and will be visiting a physician tomorrow. I've been told I will have to pay my insurance deductible because he has no coverage. What types of recourse do I have? It seems unfair that he will likely get a slap on the wrist when our lives have been damaged. I've missed work, have no transportation, will have medical bills, etc.
You should consult with a personal injury attorney.
Ambien DUI?
I was stopped and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. After passing all field sobriety tests, I was brought to the hospital where my blood was drawn. No charges were filed that night. I was not drinking and using no drugs other than legally obtained Ambien. Do labs typically test for Ambien? If so, what is the amount or threshold level of ambien in the blood that will result in charges? Can I be charged solely on objective evidence such as witnesses and/or my affect at the time? Any information you can provide pertaining specifically to this situation would be helpful. Thank you
Your prescription may have been legally obtained but it did not give you the right to drive on ambien. I know that...
How will north carolina look at my Dui situation
I recieved my first Dui in N.C in 1999. I never went to court for it. Since then I have recieved 4 more dui's in montana and have taken care of all of them. Will North carolina charge me with a first offense dui because I had no priors to that or will they go back and charge me with a fifth offense? I really want to get this taken care of but don't want to spend my life in jail. I just wont drive. Please help.
In all likelihood, they cannot charge you as a 5th timer because they others all happenned after this arrest. However,...