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I'm 19, admitted to smoking marijuana, blew a .02 and refused the blood test. It is my first offense.
I am very confused on what to do next. I don't really have the money to hire an attorney, but i feel like a public defender isnt the best option either. I also had plans to join the military but now it seems like that is out of the question. is there anyway to get this off my record?
Please discuss this with an experienced DUI attorney. Your initial consultation will probably be free. You really...
In IL. my 15 year old was just given her choice of a citation or community service for underage drinking for an episode based
only on here say. The police have no evidence she drank except for other one girl who said she saw her. The police never saw my daughter drink and, never tested her for alcohol . Can she be in any trouble really on a case I say is based on no facts at all--just one witness who said she drank--this witness blew over the limit--so really the way I see it--the cops only witness was drunk--they have no evidence against my daughter---no legal case here is what I think--how about you????
I am not licensed in Illinois but he police do have a witness-that witness being drunk goes to the weight of the...
Does a DUI have a statute of limitations?
My 71 year old father was pulled over for failure to pull over enough while driving around a traffic stop. They ran his license and found a 22 year old DUI in another state. He was arrested & spent 5 days in jail. Returns to court in October with possibility of more time.
There is a statute of limitations with regard to charging someone with any crime. However, don't confuse the statute of...
I got a dui on 2017
first time dui , park on hwy sleep and got blow on scene .175
You did not post a question, but I will tell you that you are charged with a Class A misdemeanor, punishable up to 364...
Dui lessened to Reckless Driving
If my DUI is reduced to Reckless Driving, what are my possible outcomes? Will my drivers license no longer be suspended?
Given the limited facts provided, it is not possible to give you all of the possible outcomes. However, it is likely...
Suppress a dui case??
How can you suppress it? Like what kind of evidence do you need to suppress it?
Your question is a lot like going up to the homerun king and asking him how to hit a grand slam. First, you have to...
Is it illegal in Illinois to be public intoxicated?
I got stopped for public intoxication, I didn't quite understood what the officers said to me because I was severely intoxicated.
Yes. It is illegal to be intoxicated in public in Illinois.