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Bad check 14 years ago for $192...just found out
I was trying to renew my ny drivers license and a criminal complaint warrant came up from 1998 for a bad check written to a retail store for $192 ...what should I do I am sending in bond amount ao that there is no warrant for failure to appear, ia thier a statue of limitation
The statute of limitation applies to charging a defendant. If there is a warrant they likely charged you and you...
How can I remove suspensions from my driving abstract?
Hi it's November 2016 and April 2016 I had 2 suspensions for child support non-payment the suspensions War resolved the same month I know companies they have been rejecting my job applications do to those suspensions on my driving abstract I called New Jersey DMV and they told me the suspensions can be removed if a judge sign the removal of the same. Today I have spend the whole day going from child support office to Family Court office and Criminal office explaining them what the DMV told me and no one seems to know what I'm talking about, I really need those suspensions removed because I really need a good job. Please can someone tell me what I can do, I will really appreciate it. thank you in advance
You can only remove them from the abstract if you can prove you did not get suspended. So never.
Can I ask lawyer to refund money
I was driving on a suspected license. 4x. I was tossed in jail. I friends dad. He missed 8 court dates. Each time court was near he told me not to show date was being charged. I want to fire him. But I need to know if I can get a refund. Isn't that misrepresentation?
Of course you can ask for a refund in any case. However your lawyer should have given you a written agreement that...
This would be the second time i violated my probation, what will happen ?
I took a swab test a month or so ago for probation and i failed it , and now i just recently took another swab test and i know it's probably going to come back positive. What will happen ?
Depends on what you were originally charged with and your prior history, but a positive test generally results in a VOP...
Whats the worst pending i beat fact finding trial in august accucsed of being alcoholic/neglect now one. Year later testd + alco
Dyfs case open 3years completed alcohol council/ treatment now tested positive for alcohol. Drank 3 nights before
You did not test positive from alcohol three days prior. Either you are not being honest with yourself or the test is...
Will I be able to enter japan with a NJ DUI?
I got a marijuana DUI in NJ about 5 years ago and I know its considered a traffic violation and not criminal. I was wondering if I had to disclosed this information?
"Will I be able to enter japan with a NJ DUI?" is not a DUI question; It is an immigration question. If you want to...
Will dropped misdemeanor charges affect chances of pharmacist licensing in New Jersey?
Hello, I am applying for a Pharmacist license in New Jersey and have submitted the paper work. I have a misdemeanor (DV) charge that was dropped (case sealed) in the state of NY in early 2015. I’d like to know if this will affect my licensing in NJ and if yes, how can I obtain good legal services? Thanks in advance.
Probably have no affect, even if someone can see that there was a charge. From what you say, however, it was sealed...