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What am I looking at for violation Dui probation 8 days before it was up, with at .02?
I was pulled over for cell phone use, no traffic violation. Asked to do breathalyzer due to the probation. Blew a .02 and the officer took my license. Issued me a 30 temp license and let me drive my own vehicle home. I have no previous offenses besides my Dui, and probation is up in 8 days. Please and thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. I drive for a living and am currently worried about what might be the outcome.
I doubt anything will happen. .02 is de minimus. While it is a violation of your probation I doubt anyone will do...
I am wondering what the seriousness level of my dui is in sebastopol, California. I have a criminal record in washington.
I have four felonies, all in washington and all done and dealt with in every manner and have been off probation for over a year now. I have no prior dui's at all, this is my first one. I was involved in an accident, but no one was hurt other than myself, and i was hurt very badly. Spinal surgery was needed, i was cited for a VC 23152(f), after the cop questioned me in the hospital. The officer claims i said i was messed up on weed and alcohol, although i do not even remember ever talking to the police officer, due to medication, shock, and having a broken back. I dont remember anything after losing control of the car. I am wondering if im going to jail for this and if so are there jail alternatives for a first time dui? I am just very thankful no one else was hurt. I confused about my case
Confused? I don't think you're confused at all, it sounds more like denial to me. Were any of your felonies in WA...
My son was just arrested for a 2800.2 in CA.. How does the 3 strikes in CA work and what do you think the typical sentence will
He has a felony record from other states but was given probation instead of prison time. One in 2006 and the other in 2008. Does the 3 strikes for felonies have any effect on his sentencing? He was also arrested for a DUI which is classified as a misdemeanor.
A strike is a penalty for serious or violent felonies such as homocide, residential burglary, etc. If you son has no...
How successful is expunging a dui and how do I know if I qualify?
I received a dui in early 07. I do not want this on my record for another seven years. When taking the dui classes they mentioned the possability of expungement, this would be amazing. When can I start this process and how do I go about it?
California Penal Code Section 1203.4. (a) states that in any case in which a defendant has fulfilled the conditions of...
First CA DUI (probably over .20% -- blood test pending) and Repercussions
Thanks for your time in advance. This is my first DUI, I was loaded, no private/commercial property damage and no damage to any person. I was reported by a good citizen. Reported that I was hitting curbs and was still operating vehicle though I had pulled into a dead-end rural area away from people and property. I have extensive volunteering service spanning to East Africa and LoR's from Congress, university professor, military officers, pilots, etc... I am voluntarily attending AA meetings before my court date. What kind of sentencing can I expect without a prior criminal record and a clear driver history? I honestly can't be bothered to attend a 9 month DUI program as I am on the verge of taking up a job in the MENA (gulf) region. I will pay fines, do whatever I can beforehand, but what can I do to leave in good standing if I do depart for this job? Will the court work with me and arrange anything if I decide to come back which, I don't really plan to? Basically am OK with not having a CA drivers license, but would like to expedite anything to acquire drivers license somewhere else if need be. Want to abide by the law but also, not going to pass up job opportunity.
Sorry you can't be bothered by the 9 month program. You should seek counsel and do what he or she tells you to help...
Can I be held in jail for 30 days before my court date for a dui ?
I live in Manteca,ca it's two and a half hours away and they want me to report to a Probation officer once a week till I go to court on April 4th. I don't have a car or a license. I called and told him that and he said I was being inconpliant and he would tell the judge. I've never heard of anyone having to do all that for a dui. Does this make sense to you?
Uh... you posted this question already and got two great answers. Posting it again and again .will not change the...
Can I be put on formal Probation for a dui before I go to court?
I was arrested for drunk driving in Napa Calif they held me for 2 days till I went to court at that time they let me out and I had to go see a Probation officer right away. I live in Manteca,ca it's two and a half hours away and the Probation officer wants me to come see him once a week till I go to court on April 4th. I told him I couldn't get a ride and he told me he was going to tell the judge I was being inconpliant. This is my first offense and I'm 50. What advice can you give me? Is it normal to be put on formal Probation and them want to test me even before I even went to court? Thank you for any help .
You should talk to your lawyer. If you can't afford to hire one, the judge will appoint one from the public defender's...