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If the lab tests were cancelled,how do I find out if the police can get any results for a dui case?
Was transported to the hospital for.altered mental state as possible glucose problem.Was found.asleep in my vehicle, motor running. Refused treatment at the hospital and was released. All labs were cancelled. I pulled my hospital record and no results were listed for blood test, they all said cancelled.
The police may have had medical blood draw. Do you have a needle mark in your arm? If not then maybe you are...
How long will your license be suspended for refusing breathalyzer if later dismissed?
My ex was arrested (FL) for dui, resisting arrest, carrying a weapon unlawfully and refusing breathalyzer. It is still in process and he has not been convicted yet. Today I checked the case and it says the charge for refusing breathalyzer was dismissed but the other charges remain. why would they dismiss just that charge? And will he be able to get his license back now? We have a child together and I would like to know if he will have his license back for visitation purposes or not. Thanks
Unless there was an administrative hearing requested within the first ten days, the DMV will suspend a license for a...
Virginia is blocking me from getting a license n florida due to old charges possibly a dui. Can i get around that and get my li
They state i have criminal fines and i had duis over 8 years ago.
You must handle your issues in VA first.
The Florida DIV mailed me a letter on Feb 4th , 2013 revoking my license for one year for a DUI conviction in Virginia .
This conviction supposedly took place on Sept 2 , 1993 . ( Date is not a typing error ) . I have never had a DUI in Virginia or any other state . Virginia sent a Clearance Letter by fax to them yesterday and again today ( again because the DMV gave me a wrong number . Am now being told it may take 10 days . We are assuming that they have the fax . No way to confirm . Whatever happened to due process ? No crime yet I am being punished and the supervisor ( Jeremiah ) could care less . I recently moved back to Fl and don't know the neighbors yet . My wife is still in IL and I am stranded with no drivers license . I know mistakes happen but it is the attitude and lack of expediency when I have been victimized . I have adjudged guilty without arrest , arraignment or conviction and nobody cares .
My goodness. Sorry to hear that you're going through this - I hate when I hear stories like this. The only thing I can...
I passed out in convenience store and was taken to the hospital - no police came with the ambulance? Can I be charged with DUI?
The employees in the convenience store knew that I was driving and they had sold me liquor earlier in the day. No police came to the hospital and the blood drawn there was supposedly tested so see why I had passed out. No one at the hospital mentioned alcohol or driving as my car was still at the store. I had also been taking Nyquil for a few days. I am just nervous the police could still show up???
As you passed out in the store, then no officer can put you behind the wheel of a vehicle so as to charge you wit a DUI....
Violation of probation from DUI
Hello all. My husband got his first DUI charge in 2012. He went to his classes, they put him on probation and put an interlock machine in his car for 6 months. One day - at almost the end of his 6 month period - he had a cocktail at lunch around 1pm with the company, his shift was over at midnight, but the machine still read it as a violation. I'm no even sure what ensued after that because he turned the interlock machine in, but since he blew dirty that one time, it was considered a violation of probation. He's had an open warrant out since march of 2013. He retained a lawyer and has a court date on Monday. Will he have to do time - a day, a week, a month - considering the original charge was DUI and he violated probation and this is a warrant that's been open for 3 years...??? I'm nervous about his court date...just wanting to get some advice on some of the possibilities to expect. He does have priors but that was over 20 years ago when he was in his late teens, early 20s. Thank you!
You have good reason to be nervous, but can't accurately predict any potential jail time at this point as it depends on...
How to get touch with 4 out of state old DUI,s
I have 13 DUI,s in my past would like to get licence
I'm not sure I understand your question here. Do you have 13 DUIs or 4 DUIs? In the state of Florida, there is a...