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  • Man arrested after spending 12 hours perched in tree...

    23 hrs ago | via Daily Mail 

    Democrat chairwoman RESIGNS hours before Clinton convention: Wikileaks email hack revealing how party conspired against Sanders forces Debbie Wasserman Schultz to quit Failed Syrian asylum seeker, 27, blows himself up at restaurant near Nuremberg, injuring 12 and causing mass evacuation of German music festival - which was the intended target Trump says French and Germans could face 'extreme vetting' before entering US because their countries have been 'compromised by terrorism' Syrian refugee, 21, hacks PREGNANT woman to death with machete and injures two others before hero BMW driver runs him over, in yet another attack in Germany Comedian Katt Williams is arrested YET AGAIN, this time accused of attacking a female employee at a hotel restaurant in California Verizon buys struggling Yahoo for $4.8BILLION in move that will likely end four-year reign of CEO Marissa Mayer Grieving woman ... (more)


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  • Joyriding juveniles stopped by police | Kirkland pol...

    Friday Jul 1 | via Kirkland Reporter 

    The blotter feature is both a description of a small selection of police incidents and a statistical round-up of all calls to the Kirkland Police Department that are dispatched to on-duty police officers. The Kirkland Reporter police blotter is not intended to be representative of all police calls originating in Kirkland, which average about 1,000 per week.


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  • Broadway Stars Sing for Victims of Orlando Shooting

    Jun 21, 2016 | via KNEB-AM Scottsbluff 

    They say officers were dispatched to McGuire Street in Terrytown to investigate a man with a knife swingin... - Attorney General Loretta Lynch is visiting Orlando Tuesday, 10 days after the worst mass shooting in recent U.S. history took place at Pulse, a gay nig... - A man is in custody in Belgium after police said he allegedly claimed to be wearing an explosive device which ended up being fake.Officials said he called p... Casper, Wyo. - NCTA Aggie barrel racer Lexus Kelsch of McLaughlin, S.D., won fifth overall at the College National Finals Rodeo on Saturday.


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Queen Anne Law

Appealing a DUI
I am now in the third year of an appeal for a DUI. This occurred in a city so it is a Municipal charge. The city did not file their response late (a month after our reply was due) so it once again delayed the case. Given this and the quality of the brief (11 pages) and their utter disinterest in the case what are the possible scenarios of this moving forward. Yes I have an Attorney and I have already spoken to them.. so this is a second opinion matter. The Judge could rule to remand the case back to trial.. in that case the City has again up to 2 years to refile the case... and given what transpired they could ostensibly do that putting the case from 2012 being tried in 2018 or 2019 depending on when the Judge's decision occurs? Yes or No? Then the city will retry a 6 year old DUI? They would and why? The case appeal centers on two issues.. the blood evidence taken w/out warrant and with McNeely the City refused that case as relevant, the second was they did not allow my defense to proceed.. they did not give us blood to sample at an independent lab so as a result I had no way of proving an alternate theory. The case is very complicated.. VERY complicated..
I do not give second opinion on this site. You have counsel. If you need a second opinion consult with another.
Can I sue my employer for demoting me as a result of a DUI?
I have a pending DUI and my position requires me to drive 90% of the time. I am a first time offender and even if convicted, I will retain my driving privileges with the use of an ignition interlock device (according to my attorney). Historically my employer has demoted others in this situation into roles that pay less and are stationary, resulting in a large pay decrease. I would like to know if this is legal, considering I would still be able to perform the responsibilities my position requires, no matter what the outcome. I have even been denied the opportunity for lateral moves that are stationary and do not require driving as a primary responsibility. While they do pay for my mileage, I pay for my gas, insurance and vehicle payment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Being arrested for a DUI makes you a liability for your employer. The fact your employer has demoted others, makes...
I got arrested for a dui and the officer never read me my rights. Can't I get off for that.
I got pulled over for dui and the officer told me to blow and i tried twice and said i was doing it right and arrested me for dui. I barely moved and he.said he will break my fingers if i move again. Not once did he read me my right. I got till the 18th to come up with 400 if I want a court date. But cant really afford it. If you think i can get off then i might fight. I need to be able to drive to work.
Whether of not the officer read you your "RIGHTS" isn't a determining factor of being charged with the crime of DUI....
Can I have a pending DUI charge and a violation of a past DUI from three years prior run consecutive jail
I was convicted of a DUI in 2013 , I'm on community supervision for that for five years in January I got another DUI . They are asking 60 days as a violation and 45 for the new DUI. This is my third DUI since 2008. The first was in 2008. The second in 2013 and the current in January 2016 . Can I have the jail terms ran consecutive for the violation and new DUI? The 2013 DUI is in Everett and the new DUI is out of king county in Kent RJC
Yours is a complicated situation. The short answer to your question is probably, yes. The judge will have wide...
If my license is suspended in Idaho for a dui, will Washington add additional suspension
This is my first offense. I refused the Breathalyzer. If I take a plea deal in Idaho resulting in my license being suspended will Washington add on additional suspension?
You should discuss with a Washington attorney, and I am not admitted in Washington. However, generally speaking a...
What is the statue of limitations on refiling DUI charges.
In 2005 received a DUI ticket in Washington. I pled innocent and it went to trial in 2006. In the middle of the trial the state had to dismiss the charges due to lack of evidence. However, they did so "Without prejudice" which means that they can refile. When does the states statue of limitations expire in a case like that? On this late date 2016, can they still file against me? I'd ask my attorney except he didn't even show up in court that day, so piss on him!!
The statute of limitations on gross misdemeanors is 2 years from the alleged date of the violation, i.e. the date that...
Can I go to the impound yard with a vehicle was drug seeds and get my key out of it without getting bothered or pulled into it?
I was riding in a vehicle with a guy got a suspended license didn't know we jumped out of the vehicle I walked away and left my car keys and phone and said the vehicle was seized he was arrested for drugs and suspended license can I get the car key back without incriminating myself
I know that you want a yes or no answer, but that is not always possible, so the answer is perhaps.