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How do I get my car back after an Immediate Roadside Prohibition in Canada, as a citizen of Washington state?
BC, Canada, police say I blew too high in an alcohol BAL device. They then towed my car and physically grabbed my license. I want to appeal but am unsure what to do. How do I get my car back? Washington state already issued me a new license. But I don't want to pay outrageous fees and install a breathalyzer in my car since I don't agree the punishment was deserved. Do I just show up at the tow yard 30 days later asking for my vehicle? Thanks in advance!
This site is about laws in the US. You are asking about laws in Canada. What you should do is contact attorneys in...
Can you get a dui for anti depressants?
I take 10 mg nortriptyline nightly for chronic pain
It may be unlawful under certain circumstances. It's not unlawful to consume prescription drugs and then drive. It is...
I got a review notice for a case from 9 months ago after several months of no contact from the courts.
I was arrested for a DUI in March 2014, and it was reduced to a reckless driving charge in October 2014. I had to do the following to be in compliance, all of which I've done: 1) Pay off (OPD) lawyer fees. 2) 3 days work crew in lieu of jail time. 3) 6 days work crew in lieu of fines. 4) Enroll in/complete alcohol education & attend a DUI victims panel. 5) Not drive with a .08 etc. 6) Not incur any criminal violations. I've not heard from the court since I paid off the last of my lawyer fees, which were on a year cycle starting last April, so it's been four months or so. I've not gotten a single piece of mail indicating I'm not in compliance, and I've not broken the law. Is there any reason this simply would be routine, or is it likely they think I'm noncompliant for some reason?
What exactly does the order say? Some courts bring you back while on probation just to check in and tell you that...
What can happen if I have dui and if I fly in Europa forever
need answer
What do you mean...if you have a pending charge and don't appear?
1st DUI in CA but have a WA drivers license. How do state laws and MVD laws worm?
I was charged with a DUI in CA that was a nightmare and very complicated . Long story short we worked out a deal with the DA for me to wear a SCRAM for 12 months, complete 160 hours of community service, attend either 2 AA classes or one MADD class, and complete a 3 month alcohol program. I have already started to comply as requested. Long story short. If CA alerts WA of the DUI. Does WA then following CA laws or do they require me to follow laws of their own state in regards to driving. I am trying to understand if WA will enforce me to get an IID installed and also complete any courses to maintain or reinstate my driving privileges. I do not have a CA license, I have a WA license.
WA, through its licensing authority, can, and likely will, make you comply with its own laws regarding interlock and...
How much does a DUI lawyer cost?
I got a DUI and I'm broke.
$1000-$10,000+. Depends on the area, your history, facts, resources employed, experience, etc... Best thing to do is...
My father has a DUI charge and needs to renew his green card. Is there a chance he will get deported?
My father used to have an indefinite green card but he lost it many years ago. If he still had it, would he still have to renew his green card every 10 years?
It is very possible that him being charged with DUI and potentially convicted could result in immigration issues. As...