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What is deferred prosecution?
Got arrested for my 2nd dui on May 2009, i went to alcohol/drug assessment on June 5th and made a committment to go counseling, eventhough i don't have the court date is it okay for me to go ahead and do the treatment. Also my license will be suspended on July, i'm in a process of purchasing the SR22 Insurance coverage thru Progressive. What else should i do
DUI litigation is essentially fought in two battlegrounds: (1) license suspension proceedings brought by the Department...
How do I deal with the DOL if I have r been charged with a DUI?
I put in an "intent to defer prosecution" order with the DOL. They agreed to the order and to contact them 150 days from charge date or 2 years from the date of arrest. I have not even been charged for my DUI yet. The DOL sent me a new notice to now remove my driving privelages for 2 years because they haven't heard. How do I prove to them I haven't even been charged yet? My incident occurred on 28 Aug 2016. Please tell me they can't take my license as my intent is to still defer. I shouldn't have to request a hearing as I've already submitted intent to defer prosecution. Thanks
You were suppose to contact them within 2 years from the date of arrest, you did and now your license is suspended.
What should I do in the case where I was arrested, but not charged, for a DUI and my license was suspended?
I'm the primary caregiver of my kids and need to drive for work. I made a horribly dumb mistake, but have a spotless record otherwise. Also, my work takes me to Canada...will I be denied entry at the border if I was not charged? Thank you.
You should contact a DUI attorney right away for a free consultation to discuss your case. Many times there is a delay...
Travel after a DUI
My husband got a dui in August 2016, is on nonsupervised parole for 60 months. We were looking to book a cruise to Cozumel, Belize and Honduras in the near future. Will he have trouble traveling to these countries? I am getting the run around as far as who may have the answer.
It shouldn't be a problem. If there are immigration issues, you should probably speak with an immigration attorney...
If someone got a dui in CA, and the person did NOT do a class, like they were supposed to, how long is the limitation if any?
It happened in CA in 2005. My son was supposed to do some sort of class. The breath test registered zero, but was still charged. He never drove again, and was on the streets for quite a while. Now, he moved up to WA state in December of 2016. Is there a limitation to this or will he be refused a license here when he tries to apply?
He will have to complete his requirements in California before he will be able to get a license. There is no time...
Do u have to do jail time for two duis with in 4 years
Got A second do in with in 4 years
A second offense DUI within 7 years carries a mandatory minimum sentence of thirty days in jail plus sixty days of...
My dui was changed to Rick less driving can I have it expunged it's been 9 years
I was trying to apply for a hospital job and they said with my reckless driving but I couldn't get it I would like to know if it's expunged before I apply for another CNA job
Check with lawyers in the state where you received your convictions. Each state has different laws. In my own state...