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Can I fly throughout the USA with it still on my record?
There's absolutely no restriction on your right to freely move throughout the United States. Freedom of movement is...
I have a MD license and was charged in June with a DUI in Washington DC. I was 18 at the time. My driving record is completely clean without points or tickets. I plead guilty in January 2014 and was told that after a 6 month probation period the DUI would not appear on my record. Instead it would be "put off to the side" in case I commit another crime in which case the DUI would officially appear on my record. I have just obtained an unofficial copy of my drivers record and it says my license is valid. In addition, I do not need to renew my license until November 2015. My questions are: Will my MD license ever be suspended, if so for how long? If I am driving and get pulled over and the MVA has just suspended my license without my knowledge, will I be arrested/will my care be impounded?
Your question will be easier to answer if a lawyer read the relevant documentation in your D.C. Superior Court file. I...
I was pulled over for a headlight, was sober but cops smelled marijuana on just my jacket. searched car, didn't find anything and while waiting for a female personal to search my person randomly started asking questions about alcohol. I stated multiple times that I had nothing to drink but they arrested me and at the station, I initially refused the test because I didn't understand how I failed the SFST than less than 2 mins changed my mind but the officer said because I signed the form I couldn't change my mind. They then charged me with everything under the DUI/DWI "bracket" (about 6 charges) saying he had to because I refused.
Refusing to take a breath test carries Motor Vehicle Administrative Penalties, and is admissible by the State in Court....
Hello I Got a PBJ for a DUI last year at the end of this month. I was given one year of PBJ and a fine. The year will be over in 2 weeks. My question is does it just end and thats it, or will I have to have to go back to the court house. I have no viloations. Also this was a paperless PBJ unsupervised no specific stipulations. Thanks
The probation portion will be over, however you must wait till three years has passed before you can expunge the conviction.
I got arrested for a DUI last year. I missed a court date, but my lawyer got a new court date. On the day I was to appear in court, some sherrifs showed up at my door and were about to arrest me, but they didn't once they confirmed I had court that day. An hour later, city police showed up and arrested me, and I ended up missing court due to that. I guess my real question is why would a judge want me arrested even though I was on my way to court, just to have it rescheduled for yet another date? Why would the judge issue a new court date and then a bench warrant at the same time? Are these people crazy?
It may seem strange, but your court case doesn't come to a halt because a judge issued a bench warrant. If the judge...
The person is J-1 out of status for one year. And is 27 years old.
This sounds like more of an immigration question. You should repost it in an immigration forum.
I need to travel to South Carolina to see my Dad
As far as I know, there are no rental agencies that will rent to a driver with a temporary license issued as a result...