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  • Doctor in sex case entitled to bail

    Saturday Jun 24 | via NWAonline 

    A brain surgeon charged with sexually abusing children sought to impregnate women to create more victims and had been suspected of molesting youngsters for two decades, Northern California prosecutors said Monday. Prosecutors made the allegations as they sought to deny Dr. James Kohut bail while he awaits trial on 11 charges related to child sex abuse.


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  • Seaside man guilty of human trafficking

    Jun 13, 2017 | via The Salinas Californian 

    Jerry Stringer took the girls to his mother's Seaside home to take explicit photos of them and then posted them online as advertisements. Seaside man guilty of human trafficking Jerry Stringer took the girls to his mother's Seaside home to take explicit photos of them and then posted them online as advertisements.


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Seaside Law

Can a court retry me again if they didn't catch my prior DUI?
About 6 months ago i was EXTREMELY LUCKY and got charged for a 1st offender when it should have been my 3rd where I already had 2! Those were in another county and < 10 years old. So, if i wanted to go to the LUCKY court again and ask I finish and accept the DUI classes out of their county because of the drive, do you think this *gives them an opportunity to catch those other DUI's (a relook opportunity) and enhance my probation, etc with them or retry me again?
I think you would be extremely wise to retain a good criminal defense attorney asap.
My husband was just arrested at our home for dui crash. they have proof. he left a bar and hit a parked car what can we do?
my husband was just arrested at our home for dui crash. they have a cell phone pic of his liscence as he left a bar and hit a parked car. he was home for at least 45 minutes? he said he drank while home what can we do? Seaside, California.
Contact an experienced dui attorney in your area right away
I was in a company vehicle and was hit by a drunk uninsured, unlicensed driver.
I felt fine at the scene and did not get checked out or go to hospital, however the next day I could hardly move my neck. Two weeks later I am still having neck and back pain and need to go to the doctor. I have no insurance who pays for it, and what should I do ?
First of all get the medical care you need. If you were in a company vehicle they most likely had insurance, med pay...
Can 2 DUIs affect the road to citizenship?
I got 2 DUIs back in 2000. I am a permanent resident in California. I am thinking of becoming a citizen. I'd like to know if the DUIs can affect or deny my citizenship?
No. Those two DUI convictions can no longer "affect the road to citizenship" iF you had no other convictions after that....
Should I consult internal affairs over a crooked DUI?
I was napping in my parked car and awakened by police. It was hot so I felt drowsy. I take medications, same ones for years, none that directly say not to drive. I was parked though. He took my liscense and gave me some pink form checking that I was unresponsive. I had my son with me and he threatened me with child endangerment if I didn't go along? How is this legal?
Sorry, but you had to get where you were somehow. Your son did not drive, so by circumstantial evidence, the police...
Can I get this mandatory Ignition interlock device dismissed?
I received a dui in 2013 and fulfilled all the requirements by 2015 including paying off my court bills. I was pulled over December 2016 for driving on a suspended license; not under the influence whatsoever. I had tried to get my license reinstated after fulfilling my dui requirements but a medical hold was on it from several years back that i was just recently able to get removed. The judge I saw for my case gave me an order to install an interlock device I'm guessing because I had a dui in the past. Is there a way I can get this modified or dismissed?
Bottom line is that the court and the DMV are two separate entities. Hire an attorney to deal with the DMV so you can...
Can my California Guard Card be revoked or suspended if I have a dui on my criminal record?
Last year, May 8, 2016 I was pulled over for drinking and driving. Yet, I wasn't convicted for the dui till January 22, 2017. The renewal time for my guard card is approaching and wondering if it will be revoked or revoked.
Anytime a license issued by the State is required it is subject to revocation for any criminal conviction. Check with...