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  • Van Buren girl killed in accident

    Tuesday Apr 14 | via NWAonline 

    A 13-year-old Van Buren girl died and a 15-year-old girl was critically injured after being struck by an SUV while walking down a city street Saturday night, according to police. The 13-year-old, who wasn't identified by Van Buren police Monday, died Sunday morning at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, police spokesman Jonathan Wear said.


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Searcy Law

Does breathalyzer machines have to be calibrated and in good working order in Arkansas to get a dwi conviction?
Plus does an officer have to read you your rights because mine was never read,
You could still be convicted of a DWI without accurate breathalyzer results based off of field sobriety tests, video,...
Does breathalyzer machines have to be calibrated and in good working order in Arkansas to get a dwi conviction?
Plus does an officer have to read you your rights bc mine was never read,
The are regulations about the use and operation of a breathalyzer by a police department. The failure to comply with...
How do I know what my BAC is on Arkansas State Crime Lab report?
I was charged with DWI Drugs and a blood sample was sent off to the Crime Lab. When I received the results for my test I was only tested for alcohol. Ethanol was detected there is two numbers beside it. 0.135g% and (0.007g%) What is my BAC
The first is likely your BAC level (0.135), while the second is either the cutoff limit for testing or the error factor....
I live in Missouri...have an Oklahoma arrested for DWI in Eureka Springs AR...did breath test ..said .16 ??
I have nothing on my record..I go to court May 7th and also Administrative hearing that day..I don't have a record..but the breathalyzer read .16..I was in a parking lot ....I need a lawyer..not sure what I'm looking at...really scared!
Use the Avvo find attorney feature to locate a DWI criminal attorney in that area. You need help, particularly because...
I got a DUS 3 was in prison for 6 months. My license were suspended till may 2015 . This happened in south I now live In Ark .
I need a lawyer to get the details. On reinstatement fees
I am sorry, but I am confused by your question. I do not know which state your DUI's were suffered? Where you live...
I got stopped for a dwi never ever had anything like this happen first time getting stopped before for what will happen
I was taken to the police station and let go today what will happen to me
If you were not issued a citation you haven't been charged yet. But if they drew blood or you provided a urine sample...
Can i beat a class d felony child endangerment charge DUI I am going to lose my entire career and my child. My first time!
I am a teacher and was pulled over. I have medication that my dr, has me take for ADHD, depression, migraines. All bottles labeled and mine. I was road tested and failed. I was taken in for blood and urine and placed in jail. I got a DUI and few weeks later they added felony child endangerment class d. I have never been in trouble in my life. I am 44 years old. I have been a teacher for 14 years. My medicine is mine. I don't know how my lawyer can fight this felony.
The medications being yours do not prevent you from being charged with being under the influence. If you haven't...