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What do I do?
I received a dui in may 2012 in Ga no it was Alabama sorry followed with a fta a couple months later and waited in jail for 57 days for a court date and was pregnant. And they told me all I had to do was pay my fines. I couldn't afford dui school . Well I sold my car and gave money to my biological mother to mail it bc I had an appt with my doctor abt my pregnancy. Well I just now foumfoundd o found out that she never paid. She took off with my money and I think I have a warrant on me. But I can't risk going to jail when I turn myself in cause I have no family or friends capable to watch my daughter. I'm scared cause I don't want her taken from me. What do I do...
It sounds like you don't have money to afford a private attorney in which case I would recommend you contact your local...
The question is how to get off the court-referral program.?
In my situation my Court Referral Officer made me go to an intensive outpatient rehab directly after i just got out of 4 months of inpatient, until she called. The judge granted it since I had failed my first drug test for her when I showed up although I was not told by the courts during my dui hearing that I had to attend court referral upon getting out. Since then I have failed a couple of drug tests for marijuanna, but it has done been past that 9 month period I was supposed to be on it. I also think my cro has been wrongly filing drug test outcomes as failed instead of them being passed of course. I know this is not probation, but this has stilled caused me to lose out on job oppertunities too. -I live in Columbus, Ga. How can I get out from underneath this??
Until you get clean you will continue to have problems with the law
Are most people in Troy, Al given jail time as a penalty for a second offense minor consumption?
I was arrested in Troy, Al for a minor in consumption. I wrecked my car and refused to take a breath test. I was given the option to blow the next morning, and I blew a .02. This would be my second offense. I pleaded youthful offender on my first offense, and I completed the pre trial diversion program. I was just wondering if I would go to level 2 classes or if I was looking at jail time. Thank you very much for your help.
There are lots of unanswered facts here - are you still on probation from the first offense? If so, the court has the...
What am I looking at on my court date?
I was charged with Minor in consumption in Troy, AL on June 15, 2015. This is a second offense minor in consumption for Pike County. I wrecked my car when this occurred. I was wondering what I am looking at, and if I should get an attorney. I am 19 years old.
Best to get a local criminal lawyer to fight it so hopefully you can avoid any penalties.
Once my DUI fines are paid can I get my license back despite a warrant?
I got a DUI in Florida several years ago and my Alabama license was suspended. I followed the initial procedures and got my license back originally. I later missed a payment on my fines and it was suspended again. I had moved back to Alabama and was doing my probation by phone as I was a first time offender and low risk. I thought my probation was complete and it appears it wasn't because I have a Florida warrant for failure to complete my probation. Any time I've had a traffic violation Alabama police have noted the warrant and told me to take care of it when I can. I'm about to pay the last of my old FL fines which in theory should release my license to be reinstated in Alabama. Will they block my reinstatement in FL based on the warrant? I plan to take care of it after getting my DL.
I am not licensed in Florida, so out of respect for any answer offered by an experienced attorney licensed in Florida...
I was arrested for a DUI, do I need to renew my driver's licence in state or should I keep my out of state one?
My DL is set to expire at the end of this month and I need to get it renewed while my DUI case continues. I have an out of state licence *not* a domestic one. Should I get a domestic DL or would it be advantageous to renew out of state again (where I'm originally from)? The reason why I ask, is that when I was arrested for my DUI, they took my licence but then gave it back to me when I made bail, it was never suspended, and I suspect the reason why was because it was not a domestic DL. I could be incorrect in this line of thinking, however.
When you move to another state, you have to learn about the law in that state regarding how long you have, to get a...
Dui probation for 2 years, 1 dirty urine test what do i do?
I have paid all of my fines, taken all of my classes. And have completed 1 year probation. I had 1 dirty urine test bc someone at my worm made pot brownies and didnt tell anyone, and sold them then a week later it spread around the work place. Not sure what to do, i really do not want to go to jail. Especially when i never purposely did any drugs. I report in at the beginning of the month.. not sure what my p.o will say or if the test even is dirty. Very scared. I do not want to go to jail.. help!
Talk to your attorney who represented you in the DUI. Let him or her know about the situation in case the probation...