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Can I get an Alabama driver's license?
10 years ago when I was 17 and lived in Florida, I was involved in a DUI accident that resulted in a fatality. I did four years in prison and have been on probation ever since. I have completed all terms of my probation and am just waiting for the time to run out. I am now a permanent resident of Alabama. I went to a driver's license review board in Florida and they approved me to get my license back. Now I have to enroll in a 400 dollar school and go all the way to Florida to be in a class once a month in person and have an ignition interlock device on my car. My husband is in the military, we have a family, and jobs. This is near possible for me to do. Since I am now a resident of Alabama, can I just apply for an Alabama driver's license? I just want to move on with my life. This is literally the only thing I have ever been in trouble for and it was a decade ago.
There are numerous issues at play here, so I am not sure. Generally speaking when the state that you have or last had a...
The question is how to get off the court-referral program.?
In my situation my Court Referral Officer made me go to an intensive outpatient rehab directly after i just got out of 4 months of inpatient, until she called. The judge granted it since I had failed my first drug test for her when I showed up although I was not told by the courts during my dui hearing that I had to attend court referral upon getting out. Since then I have failed a couple of drug tests for marijuanna, but it has done been past that 9 month period I was supposed to be on it. I also think my cro has been wrongly filing drug test outcomes as failed instead of them being passed of course. I know this is not probation, but this has stilled caused me to lose out on job oppertunities too. -I live in Columbus, Ga. How can I get out from underneath this??
Until you get clean you will continue to have problems with the law
I have received my 2nd dui in 2 weeks. How awful is my life going to be? I'm only 20
My first dui i blew a .17. Jailed 11 hrs. Second dui I blew a .2 and was jailed for 13 hrs. Will Both of these forever be on my record?
First, you must stop drinking and driving. Next, you need to get the best lawyer you can afford. As you seem to...
Can I be drug tested on my last day of being on papers for a poss. misdemeanor and what will happen if I fail the test?
I believe I was charged as a youth back in December for drug possession but they really only found paraphernalia. I went to court and was told I was going to have to take two drug screenings. It is now the day before I have to go back to court although I was never called "so unprofessional". I currently have $500 only for my $642 fee. What should I do & can they really run things like this?
If you fail your drug test, there's a chance your monitoring period could be extended, or worse. You really need to...
What is the normal level of xanex if they are prescribed 1mg xanex twice a day?
If someone had been on xanex or other such benzos from age 14 to 42 and their toxicology report reads 75.76 ng/mg considering they have a very high tolerance to the drug would a court be able to say that the person's judgement was impaired?
I don't know that there is such a thing as a truly "normal" level (would depend on the person), but I have heard...
Can he really file charges for theft by deception?
My husband recently sold his speakers and amp out of his truck. He sold the speaker 5 days before he sold the amp. When je sold the speakers the amp was in good working condition. When he sold the amp he had it hooked up amd ready for the guy to test before purchasing. The guy showed up late due to car trouble and chose not to test the amp. Now 4 weeks later the guy is threatening charges for theft by deception if my husband doesn't give him his money back because he says the amp isn't working and told my husband that he knows where he lives and what he drives. The amp worked when my husband sold them and he had them ready to test before the guy purchased them. Why would he be ready to have them tested if they didn't work. How can this guy file charges when there was no deception?
This is likely merely a threat. Purchases of this nature are usually "as is" without any warranty. If you did not...
Has the statue of limitations ran out of time to charge with theft?
In 2013 my sister stole my driver's license and used it when she got caught shoplifting. Since they thought she was me, she was booked under my name and information. Of course she has not taken responsibility or gone to court on the matter, I found out after the fact. Can I still be charged 4 years later? In Alabama.
If she never did anything - you must have a warrant out in your name. You need to contact an attorney to find out what...