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  • Long Beach man arrested in kidnapping of son, 7

    Aug 22, 2016 | via Press-Telegram 

    A Long Beach man was arrested Sunday morning on suspicion of child abduction after trying to take his 7-year-old son out of his grandmother's Leisure World home, where the boy lives, police say. David Pitts, 44, who has an extensive criminal history, was also arrested on suspicion of burglary and vandalism, according to a Seal Beach Police Department statement.


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Convicted of a DUI and trying to get off informal probation to join military. Any help on motions (1203.3 etc) or extra steps?
I was convicted of a DUI about 2 years ago and have been on informal probation for a year and 4-5 months and am wondering what motions I need to file and what goes into them on my end? I have heard of motion 1203.3 and 1203.4 but if I am filing sans lawyer do I file them both? And do I need to file them the same day or can I keep the papers over the weekend to make sure they work out alright, if that is even needed, and file the following week? Perhaps including character reference letters? The military is not allowed to get involved in any way so I am on my own in this and only am able to tell the judge I am trying to enter but cannot provide any proof from the military side. Thank you for any help in advance.
You can file standard form motions, but that may not get you far. People use lots of scams to try to get off probation....
Will DUI violate the terms of my PC 1000?
I was arrested for possession of cocaine in Los Angeles County and given PC 1000 deferred entry of judgement last January. I completed the classes but on the 4th of July I was arrested for DUI 2 blocks away from my home in Orange County. My next check up for my PC 1000 case is going to be in July of 2014 where my charges may or may not be dismissed. I am a full time college student and I am really worried that this DUI will violate the terms of my DEJ. What do you think the outcome of this will be?
Unfortunately, yes it can. Any new law violation during the 18 months can violate your PC 1000 program. If you...
Can I take DUI classes in a different county from where I received the DUI?
I was recently arrested for DUI in Orange County but I am planning on moving to San Francisco shortly after my first court appearance. Will I be able to fulfill those DUI classes in San Francisco? Will i even need to ask the judge or will they automatically be approved?
The simple answer is yes. However, make sure that the DUI school is approved or acceptable to your probation officer.
No new citations showing in the court, however, I received a notice from DA that complaint has been filed...
I was recently issued a second DUI (1st alcohol when I was 19, five years ago and 2nd prescription meds) when I initially went to court the DA hadn't filed charges so they gave me a note and I went on my way... Now I just received a letter from the DA to appear on XX XX XXXX.. I checked my name on the calendar for the court and it's not there. I checked for new citations under my name, also checked the actual citation number that was on the ticket and a number that is on the letter (RE: 12.......) and NOTHING is coming up. Have these charges really been filed with the court? Should I appear on this new date given? Unless, of course, my name shows on the calendar for the day... I'm pleading not guilty by the way! Thanks
I edited your category to put it in the DUI category instead of "litigation". The Orange County DA will send an...
I got a DWI in state of Louisiana that got dropped to wreckless opperation. I moved out to Ca and got a DUI here, now what??
So I got a DWI in state of Louisiana but it was dropped to a wreckless opperation. I moved out to Ca. about 8 months ago and got a DUI.. So now what do I have and what should I expect? Should I get an attorney and should I say not guilty at the arrainment?
There are too many facts that affect what will happen to tell you what to expect. You should not post those facts here...
I was arrrsted for a DUI in Orange County.
WHat is the fee for retaining the DUI attorney? Also, what is the payment plan? Does anyone offer a no down payment plan? If so, how does that work?
1. All attorneys charge different retainers and different hourly rates. 2. "The payment plan" does not exist....
Can I help my husband become a US resident if I have a DUI
My husband is illegal he has never been arrest or deported I'm a US citizen but I have a DUI in my record will that affect us on getting is residents?
Your own DUI should not have a negative effect on your husband's situation. I strongly suggest that you consult with...